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After announcing that SKS would be bringing Cratoni back to the us with their Rocket mountain bike helmet, the US Cratoni line has slowly been filling out. The latest offering is the new C-Hawk which we caught a glimpse of at Sea Otter but the details weren’t quite worked out at that time. Not quite as light as the impressive Rocket, the C-Hawk offers a little more protection at 265g.

Maybe more interesting than the helmets that are already slated for the US are the helmets that Cratoni had on display inside. The helmets are not going to be brought to the US, unless there is enough of a demand. Anyone looking for a modern replacement for a Giro Switchblade? Check out the C-Maniac next.

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Like just about every helmet these days, the C-Hawk uses a dial retention system to snug up the fit.

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Inside you can adjust the cradle up and down like most lids, but you can also position it back to front with additional adjustments on the side. The C-Hawk will retail for $199.

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cratoni new helmets us potential sks (8)

The C-Maniac is one of those helmets that won’t be brought to the US unless enough people speak up. Built with a detachable chin guard, the C-Maniac doesn’t quite offer the protection of a true full face but should offer more than a standard helmet.

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cratoni new helmets us potential sks (10) cratoni new helmets us potential sks (2)

There were also a few helmets for the urban crowd that featured unique venting, and built in lights and shields. The Evolution on the bottom is marketed as a year round helmet that has a magnetic rain cover and a detachable integrated visor.


  1. Here in Annadel state park California, we have trails named rough go, two quarry, basalt, cobblestone. Sharp rocky DH trails in a 6,000 acre park of XC. I have the MET parachute, but this C-maniac looks a little more credible…for now I am using a Specialized Vise, hate to say it but I probably will need to take one on the chin before I consistently wear even a partially FF helmet, the heat and C02 blow back and lack of acceptance are frustrating…

  2. We need the helmet with the chin guard, the C-maniac. I have a MET Paracute I bought from England cuz you can’t buy it here. You don’t know how many people comment and say what a good idea is. A helmet that is as light and cool as an XC helmet that protects your dental work is, well I can’t believe no one else makes it.

  3. I hope to see lightweight helmet with chin protection. After glided my chin on pave road, I look for lightweight full face helmet like C-Maniac. It would be overkill using MTB FF helmet on road or folding bikes. Seems like only people who have an accident with their faces concern about this safety. I am very lucky that all I got are scratches on my chin (but it took over a month to heal), not broken jaw, teeth, or nose.

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