If we “adults” are allowed to count grams why can’t the kids do it too?

Weighing in at a truly svelte 4.9lbs the new ST-PRO is the lightest production Strider in the world. And while perhaps not as full-out spec’ed as the Zelvy Carbon balance bike we saw here, it’s bound to be a fraction of the price. Scoot past the break for more…


How’d they swing that? Aluminum and not steel is the obvious answer. Any why not? The kids are bound to leave it out in the rain and snow. At least rust will be an evil of the past. And with their Puncture-Proof EVA Polymer Tires, flats will be too! Shoot, now I kinda want one. But even Strider’s impressive 18 months-to-5 years age range won’t quite accommodate me. Oh well…


  1. Kids bikes are ridiculously heavy. Took me a while to find light weight ones, and then had to put a lot of minor upgrades.

    They come stock with like two extra pounds just for handlebars and seatpost..

  2. No rack mounts? I don’t know why manufacturers continue to build these one purpose rigs and continue to ignore the larger market. I mean this thing has a 3.5 year age range!? I can’t afford to replace my bike every three years, ridiculous. Anyway, I’ll wait for the Rapha edition.

  3. My 4 year old races strider class in BMX. The weight isn’t as big of a deal as the need for real tires. That being said, I would still buy the lighter aluminum one. Gliders work great for kids.

  4. As a bike dealer I’ve been fortunate to get my hands on an early edition of the Strider Pro and I’m very impressed with this latest model. The ST3 and ST4 come in at just under 7 lbs and the PRO with it’s all-aluminum frame, at 4.9lbs. Whether it’s a ST4 or Pro model, anything under 7lbs is light weight and extremely maneuverable for any toddler. On a personal level, both of my kids started on their Striders before they were 18 months old and mastered their balance skills long before their peers and moved on to traditional bikes before reaching the age of 4. Something not generally reached by children who used tricycles and/or training wheels. A balance bike is not suppose to be a long term bike. They are designed to be builders of skills and confidence that they can carry with them throughout their childhood and adulthood. Strider is only producing a limited numbers of the Pro this year and the inquires/demands has been overwhelmingly high. So high that we had to start a pre-order waiting list via first come, first serve.

  5. I thought I would drop a line a refresh this article regarding super lightweight balance bikes. Since the Strider launched their Pro, the Cruzee has arrive to the market and comes in at a jaw dropping 4.2 lbs. They have gained the title as lightest in the world and it actually comes in a bit cheaper than the Strider Pro by only $10 – but hey, everyone likes to save some money. Given a closer look between the two bikes, they seem practically identical. The Cruzee comes with an additional seat-post but the Strider comes with a nameplate. I think both bikes are comparable with Strider having an edge on Cruzee in terms of experience in the marketplace.

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