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Initially known for tiny blinky lights, with each launch of lights in their Blinder series, Knog continues to up the lumens. The Blinder Arc is the latest in that tradition offering two models and up to a whopping 550 lumens. Even with all that power, the Blinder Arc is not much bigger than the already impressive Blinder Road 2s and 3s.

The new lights are divided into two aply named models – the 170 lumen Arc 1.7 and the 550 lumen Arc 5.5.

knog blinder road arc (5)

Each light uses a horizontal elliptical beam pattern that is accomplished through a shaped lens and a single LED. Designed to be simple to operate, the lights offer a high, low, and flash option instead of high and low versions of multiple options like the Blinder Roads.

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Charging is accomplished through embedded USB tabs on both lights.

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Each light includes two mounting straps similar to the blinder Roads only they are now secured with an Allen screw. Blinder Arcs will retail for $65 for the 1.7 and $115 for the 5.5.


Arc17_Solo_Silver Arc17_Solo_Black

Each light will be offered in one of four colors, with the 5.5 being roughly 50% longer than the 1.7. This difference in size means that the lights have the same battery life though, with each offering 3.5 hrs on high, 6 hrs on low, and 9 hrs on flash. Look for them to hit the stores around Christmas.

Knog Blinder 3 high power USB rechargeable bicycle headlight

They’ve also just announced the new Blinder 3, an upgraded version of their dual beam Blinder 2 that’s been a favorite around the Bikerumor office. They’re promising more details on this soon, but the basics are covered in the image. Looking for a solid headlight that performs as good as it looks and is insanely easy to use? Look no further.

Here’s the promo video:


  1. I do like my Blinder 2 road light set, But if only the battery would last longer than 15 minutes on the front! I can’t see this one being any beter. They look the part they work well, but they are for short rides only.

  2. Does the allen key screw on the mount mean that an alternative mount can be used? Similar to camera tripod mount with a dial-screw.

  3. @Christopher, yeah, I’m guessing they might be planning a helmet mount? Also, probably means you can turn it around to mount horizontally for whatever reason! Knoggers?

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