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This is not a bite valve.

Thanks to the pressurized bladder of the Giegerrig system, the new Nano hydration tube is like a constantly running IV – only for your mouth. As one of the weirdest and at the same time most intriguing products of the show, the Giegerrig Nano system could change the way we see hydration systems. You know, if you can get used to water constantly drip, drip, dripping into your mouth…

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If it wasn’t for Giegerrig’s signature pressurized bladder, the Nano system wouldn’t be feasible. For those unfamiliar with Giegerrigs, they essentially use a modified Hydrapak bladder with two quick connect fittings – one for the drink hose and the other for the pump. Using a hand pump users pressurize the system which until now has simply caused the somewhat standard bite valve to flow massive amounts of water.

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The Nano system will provide a new option. Utilizing a tiny biteless valve attached to the end of stretchable Nano tubing, the Nano valve is paced between your cheek and teeth and can be left there while riding. Depending on how you set the control valve, a steady drip or stream of water flows into your mouth for constant hydration. Think smaller amounts for a longer period of time than with a traditional pack. The thought is that with constant hydration that you don’t have to think about, you will be better hydrated over the course of the ride. According to Giegerrig, they’ve had endurance athletes shave up to a half hour off times while testing the new system.

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The valve allows you to shut off the flow completely if you prefer to not drink at all. The system also includes a standard bite valve if you want the smaller tube, but a standard valve.

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For those who aren’t keen on trying out the Nano system, Giegerrig will continue to offer their packs with standard bite valves and as always are dishwasher safe, and can utilize their inline water filters.


  1. I had no idea anyone, anywhere was ever in need of constant hydration. I think I’ll be ok with intermittent hydration. And if I wanted a pressurized system, I’d just blow into my cbak.

  2. I like the idea of the small valve and hose. Very discrete compared to typical hydro pak hose. Pressurization might be neat idea as long as that bladder doesn’t become a awkward bulky pillow in the pack. The drip system idea? I dunno about that. Seems unnecessary.

  3. I have 4 Geiggerig setups (paid full retail for all of them) and there is no comparison in quality and the pressurization is truly amazing once you try it.
    Spray the dog, scrape, clean anything off. Not to mention it does not suck!

  4. “Shave up to half an hour”…yeah. The wind was blowing in the other direction on run #2 then. I can see it being a good thing for very VERY dry rides where you need to keep things constantly hydrated, but I for one would choke every other breath.

  5. I’ve actually thought about this kind of system before. Really think there’s something to this kind of hydration. Then again unlike some of the other comments I actually ride bikes.. Cough*

  6. I can’t believe all the snarky comments. One problem with current hydration tubes is you have to stop breathing and suck water. As a result I can only use my camelbak hydration tube when my heart rate drops on a long descent. If I try and stop breathing on an ascent to hydrate, I get water but it raised my heart rate due to the momentary lack of oxygen. So this product seems to have an obvious benefit as it effortlessly delivers hydration while you huff and puff. The only problem I see is that you have to pump it up, and on a long endurance race where you have to fill up your reservoir multiple times that would be a problem.

  7. My only concern with the design would be sloshing. Unless the water bag has a separate air bladder, there is no way this could be slosh-free.

  8. Yep, separate chamber for air, so absolutely no sloshing. There is rigid plastic between the bladder and your back so the shape of the pack is always the same, no uncomfortable fit with full/inflated bladder. The pump requires less than initial ten squeezes and then only one or two every once in a while as you empty the liquid.

    It really is a great design and it is surprising to realize how much effort it takes to quit breathing and suck some water when you are exerting yourself already.

  9. I use a Rig 500. They do have a partition in the system, so air and water are in separate sections and it is slosh free. I don’t know if I ‘m sold on the nano hydration.

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