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To most people socks are just socks. To a cyclist though, socks seem to matter a whole lot more. Swiftwick seems to get that as well as any company and continues to pump out new versions to cover your feet. If you’re looking for the thinnest sock possible, look no further than the Pulse. Built with their Linked Toe technology for no seams at all, their thinnest sock to date features flat knit construction and more Olefin to wick away moisture. The socks also feature the new high ankle compression zone to keep the sock from slipping down.

Those legs in distress next to the pulse display are showing off Swiftwick’s new fundraising opportunity for schools and booster clubs by selling their own customized socks. Schools get the design pre-approved through Swiftwick, and then pre-sell the socks with no upfront costs. Way better than selling candy.

In addition to helping schools make some green, Swiftwick is also making their socks more green with the new Sustain Line shown after the break.

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As the first sock to be made from post-industrial recycled nylon, Swiftwick is offering the new Sustain line that is made with Repreve Fiber. Made from recycled materials, Repreve makes use of things like post industrial waste and used plastic bottles to be used in new products like clothing. Repreve nylon only uses post-industrial nylon, but the recycled bottles can be used in other Repreve Products. Sustain socks look and feel just like any other Swiftwick sock at the same prices as well.





  1. @Speedy – Where did you get your Oregon socks? I live in Bend, and when I saw that pic above, I knew I had to get some ordered!

  2. I can attest to the fundraising. A local high school my sons goes to sold over 600 pairs. He said it was the easiest fund raiser he ever did.

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