The video above is both an argument for surveying technical trails before riding them, and one calling for better trail design. Either way, when these four friends took a leap off a bridge into the unknown, they were pretty lucky to walk away unharmed. Who knows, maybe with a little grooming the line to the right could make a nice hip?

Riders in order of crashing:

1st Juan Cruz Paez
2nd Sebastian Gomez Lassalle
3rd Javier Santiago
4th Benjamin Gomez Lassalle


  1. My ex Brother-in-law did the same thing skiing and ripped his knee apart.

    These guys got lucky.

    “Life is tough. It’s tougher when you are stupid” – John Wayne

  2. After riding park, I would’ve expected that to be a decently designed jump too, as I’ve been conditioned to trust bike park jumps/drops enough to ride them “blind” the first time encountering them. Apparently Chatel isn’t quite like the other bike parks. At least the penalty for failure doesn’t seem too bad… a taco’d wheel and maybe having your balls smashed against the bike.

  3. At least they can laugh about it. That is a seriously bad trail design, but I’m glad to say I’m not stupid enough to go flying off a jump I don’t know where the bottom is, though.

  4. Actually, it’s not even that blind of a turn. Can see the exit of the turn, but that guy in front was going a bit faster than the one with the camera, and apparently when chasing behind someone, you tend to follow their line. Just got to question what the front guys were doing. 😀

  5. I call setup. These guys are obviously pretty experienced riders and I don’t believe they’d all do that big a huck off something that you didn’t know and couldn’t see the other side of.

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