Rolf Prima Ares 4 Disc WheelsBack at EuroBike, we spotted new wheels and updates from Rolf Prima.  On hand at this years OHBS Rolf Prima had a murdred out example of their new Ares 4 road disc wheels.  Those custom graphics can be had in multiple different colors for an small up charge.  As Tyler learned across the pond, the disc hubs and additional spokes (20f / 20r) added 215g to the wheelset’s weight.  But, you do get ceramic bearings and a Ti 11s compatible freehub.  Oh, and while it looks like a brake track is there, the surface of the rim isn’t coated, and should you try to use rim brakes you will be sorely disappointed.

Two more images on the other side.

Rolf Prima Ares 4 Disc Blackout Graphics

Rolf Prima Ares 4 Rim Profile


  1. internal nipples and paired spokes, im sorry these arent even on my radar for buying disc road wheels. cost and weight dont matter, serviceability is strength matter most for gravel/cross/road wheels that these appear to be.

  2. As usual, the internet expert armchair engineers pop out with zero knowledge or experience of a particular product. Smooth work guys.

    Do your parents know you are using the web after your bed time?

  3. Couldn’t agree more Brick. I’m sure Rolf has done at least a little bit of testing on these wheels and didn’t just throw disc hubs and new stickers on a set of clinchers. I’ve ridden Rolfs and they’ve proved to be very strong, even with low 16/20 spoke count and my 200lb body weight. Survived hitting and cartwheeling over a car and the front wheel was 1/4″ out of true.

    My next bike will be disc brake and these wheels will be very high on my list. Love the all black stickers.

  4. I’ve had Rolf wheels for years. Never had a problem servicing them. Always true. Ride awesome. @fleche, @dg: go to your nearest Rolf dealer, and take them for a spin. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

  5. Those who are talking about truing Rolfs have never owned a pair. I have had 2 pairs of Vigors, 10’s of thousands of miles, and only once have I had to true a pair and that was after I bent a spoke on a dropped chain.

    The point about paired spoke is you don’t have to true them. Awesome wheels!!!

  6. I think they look even more “murdred out” with the stickers peeled off.

    Check out that bead hook. Some wheelers are saying you don’t even need ’em, while these guys’ are vicious looking.

  7. I have ridden Rolf Prima wheels for years and never had to touch them.

    Isnt it funny how some muppets go on and on about internal nipples and that they are un servicable but then want a nice aero dynamic wheel……. well you dont get that with big ugly square nipples at the out side of the spinning cirlce where the wheel is spinning the fastest….. They are obviously not engineers as an engineer would know that the nipple is way stronger in compression (internal) than it is in tension (external). Internal nipples require a much smaller hole in the rim as well. Much stronger than external.

  8. Hard to get a solid areo shape under 1400g (non-disc). AFAIK Rolf has a long history of solid wheels, so kudos to them for bringing their carbon clinchers into the recent super wide and established trend. Offerings similar in wide aero from Bontrager, zipp, Reynolds, Enve, and HED are all heavier and more expensive.

    The paired spoke design is a proven performer, note that many big companies currently or in the past use paired spokes.. Shimano, Bontrager, even Campy!!! (G3 rear wheels). AFAIK they licensed Rolf’s technology at some point. It works. Armchair engineers should do their homework.

  9. I’m a big fan of Rolf Prima. I’ve been riding the Alpha Elan’s and haven’t had an issue. They’ve been used for training, road racing and criteriums. The spoke set up would be very similar I imagine.

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