darn tough vermont socks interbike

Marc and Tyler have had good things to say lately of Darn Tough Vermont’s socks, so we stopped by their booth to see what was new. For the uninitiated, Darn Tough socks aren’t cheap, but for what they lack in price they make up for in durability. As the only Lifetime Guaranteed sock, Darn Tough expects you to lose them before they need to be replaced.

Claiming one of the densest knits on the market, the 100% merino wool socks did indeed feel great on my feet after a long day on the show floor. New for Interbike are the no show Ultralights with a rear tab instead of a continuous collar around your ankle. Available in both men’s and women’s, the $14 seamless Ultralights are designed for a race day feel that is super light. The new socks aren’t up on their website yet, but check back soon.




  1. These socks really are darn tough and darn comfy, and their name is a nice pun, to boot! I hope they keep it up. Well worth the price, even though they are expensive. I don’t know any other sock company with a lifetime guarantee.

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