Cateye Padrone

For as long as I have been riding, I have had Cateye computers telling me my ride data.  Last year, Cateye updated their line to include smart GPS enabled computers with their Stealth line.  In keeping with the smarter theme, Cateye is slated to launch their new Strata Smart Bluethooth enabled computer in 2014.  While no sample was on hand, we did find out that, unlike some of the competition, it isn’t solely dependent on being paired with your cell phone.  While the Bluethooth link will allow you to pair it to the device and record ride data, the computer head itself will be able to store several rides worth of information and transfer it for saving at a later time.  No details on price or release date, but we will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Pictured above is the new Padrone.  This one is geared towards those with poorer vision, as it has the largest display of any cycling computer.  It’s a seven function model and will run $55 when it hits the market in December.

More from Cateye, new USB lights from Planet Bike, and updated fenders from SKS past the break.

Cateye Volt 300 Headlight
The lens is clear, the red is a reflection from a taillight.

In the light department, Cateye has the new Volt 300.  This USB rechargeable headlamp can be charged in 8 hours via a USB cable or in 4 hours via the optional docking station.  It will run 3 hours on high, 11 hours on flashing, and 18 hours on low.  Spending $60 will yield you the light, and the dock plus a helmet mount will be extra.

Cateye Rapid X Taillight

Around back, Cateye has their new Rapid X taillight.  This red strip mounts with a rubber o-ring, and due to its shape, it should fit just about any seatpost including those fancy aero ones.  The light is USB rechargeable (charges in about 2 hours) and is visible from nearly 360 degrees.  A matching front light, mountable to fork blades, will be launched as well.  Price is to be determined and the release date is “soon.”

Planet Bike Super Flash USB


Planet BIke Super flash mini battery

I’ve been riding in Portland so long now that I find myself able to identify many rear lights by their flash patterns.  And you know what, most of the lights I see around town are produced by Planet Bike.  I am sure most of us have experience using their Superflash or updated Superflash Turbo lights.  This year, Planet Bike joins the others who already made the jump, and is now offering USB rechargeable taillights.  For now, the Superflash and the Superflash Micro get the USB treatment.  While not USB rechargeable, they were also showing off an impress 1/2 watt Superflash Turbo Mini.  It has the same flash pattern as the Superflash Turbo, but in a much smaller package.

Planet Bike Floor Pump Head

Planet Bike Floor Pumps

Planet Bike has also updated their STX and ALX floor pumps with a new auto head, allowing you to air up either a presta or schrader valve without any thought.  The ALX also gets nicer wooden handle for 2014.

SKS LongBoard Fenders

Over at the SKS booth we found fenders.  Their new Longboard fenders to be exact.  For 2014 they have extended the bottom of the front fender further down to keep your feet dryer.  To illustrate this fact, they had a bike set up in a water trough, and it was a pretty convincing demonstration.

SKS Airmenius Floor Pump

Also, on hand was a new floor pump form SKS.  The Airmenius pump features a large, easy to read gauge that has markings every 2 psi, a cast aluminum base, and comfortable cork handles. While the 2 psi increments make the pump easy to read especially at lower pressures, SKS mentioned the Menius is definitely more of a high pressure pump capable up to 180 psi. Retail is set at $120.

SKS Airmenius Floor Pump Gage

SKS Airmenius Floor Pump Cork Handle

SKS Airmenius Floor Pump head


  1. Also mechanical pressure gauges are most accurate in the middle of their range. A gauge that goes up to 180 will be most accurate around 90.

  2. PADRONE: Finally a cateye that can be read. It took them too long to get it out for sale.ADRONE. Finally a cateye that can be read. It took them too long to get it out for sale.

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