Kickstarter: Buca Boot, Megatron Inspired Secure Bicycle Storage

For anyone who likes to ride their bike to work or school, there is nothing more convenient than having a basket or rack. Just like riding a bicycle opens up a whole new world, being able to easily tote a few groceries home can change the way you perceive and use your bike.

A new kick start campaign spearheaded by Kathryn Carlson, a economist by day but cyclist by passion, the Buca Boot is a cool twist on the conventional basket. The Buca Boot transforms in a few seconds to hold ungainly items or folds closed for secure storage. With a waterproof interior compartment when closed, you can also lock your belonging inside when running errands.

Buca Boot Colors - size- geometryThe Buca Boot will be available in three colors and mounts directly onto any standard rear rack from the inside. So a potential thief would have to unlock the basket before removing it.

Total weight is 6 lbs.

Buca Boot FilledBackers who pledge $195 are guaranteed one of the first Buca Boots. So far the Kickstarter campaign has reached $40,478 of its $85,000 goal with 25 days to go.

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9 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Buca Boot, Megatron Inspired Secure Bicycle Storage

  1. Everything about this project is overpriced. Can’t wait for the clones to come out at $99 or less. I even wanted to be nice and just buy the tshirt but they want $35 for it.

  2. Megatron??? Did l miss that part. I was really hoping for giant plasma blaster or some tunes blasting from Soundwave. She would look great in a bikini eventhough shes a non mechanized sentient life form.

  3. Is this made in Portland by steampunk carpenters who ride penny farthings to work, have large handlebar mustaches, and play extras in “Portlandia”?

  4. @liljoe Wanted to let you know that Buca Boot *definitely* holds beer. Check it out, we put an entire case of PBR inside: … a six-pack and some ice would be a cinch, too.

    By the way @lyle, thanks for the note about our measurement units. We’re updating those on the Kickstarter page tonight!

  5. Looks like the square edge hits you right in the butt if you actually sit on your saddle correctly. What about if you have a saddle height lower than the top of the box? Looks like it would be buried in the small of your back in that case. Conceptually interesting, but doesn’t look well though out enough.

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