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Interchangeable sunglasses lenses are nothing new, but over the course of the past few years a number of companies have been working to make the process easier. Interchangeable lenses are worthless if you’re afraid to change them for fear of breaking them, which is why Optic Nerve has introduced their Sideswipe technology.

Available for 2014 on their premium Amino and Sequence models, Sideswipe takes the difficulty out of changing your view. Check it out next.

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Offered in two models, the Sideswipe Amino is better for larger faces and fits, while the Sequence is its smaller brother.

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Using a small switch on the side of the glasses, users simply slide the lock to the side, and remove the lens. Once the new lens is installed, simply lock the switch and you’re done.

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Sideswipe glasses will be sold in two options, one with polarized smoke, copper , and clear for $109, and one with two polarized lenses – both smoke and copper for $129. Each lens includes   Optic Nerves hydrophobic coating and adjustable temple tips.




  1. Intuitive actually. The designer must have had his head in the right place to create such a simple solution for competitors looking for a quick change. TR90 material; global standard lenses; polarized options; quality rich.

    It looks like I paid way way way too much for a name when, instead, this brand offers the same quality at the right price. Optic Nerve, you’ve got my vote!

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