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If you follow the cycling nutrition scene, then you that companies like Osmo and Scratch Labs have been rethinking hydration and recommending you get your calories through food and not your drink mix. Clif Bar is the latest nutrition company on board after performing their own research with nutritionalist and ultra runner Bob Seebohar. Clif  has worked with Bob since ’95, though the most recent collaboration is the relaunch of the Clif Bar Performance Drink line.

With new options for hydration and recovery, Clif is offering new school science in their own organic way.

The idea with the new Hydration line is to provide, well, hydration only. The new  concentration is half of what it used to be, for a lighter, easier to drink formula and making it necessary to obtain your calories from food while riding. The mix also features increased sodium levels with 250mg per serving. As with all Clif products, using as many certified organic ingredients as possible is important to the company and the hydration line boasts 90% organic. Hydration will be available in large pantry use bags for $19.99 or single serve stick packs for $1.99 each in both Cran Razz and Lemon Lime-ade.

The new recovery formula offers protein, sodium, and carbs to replenish and rebuild with 2 different types of protein. Whey proteins isolate is uses for quick absorbing protein while milk protein casein is used for longer lasting absorption. Together there are 10g of protein per serving in chocolate and mango  which both offer 70% organic ingredients and use dairy sourced from non RDST cows. Recovery will retail for $24.99 for the pantry packs or $3.29 for the single serve sticks.





  1. I hope the new formula tastes better. The old formula tasted like summer camp bug juice so I kept using Nuun pills.
    I find chocolate mike or a mocha latte make excellent recovery drinks.

    • I tried a quick sample of all 4 flavors, and they tasted pretty good. I’ve never been the biggest fan of fruit flavored protein drinks, so I would skip the mango for the chocolate, but the rest were great.

  2. Clif bars saw sales drop dramatically because the only thing that was selling was Osmo and Skratch….so they hitched up the bandwagon and joined in.

    At least you still have the clifbloks, I love those things.

  3. so is it a marketing fad or an actual performance improvement to get your hydration and calories with this different approach? Yeah, I saw Lim’s video on ‘how it was better’ but honestly his method of experimention was flawed and he even short cut it himself. I saw his video as good marketing with some scientific references. Kind of like a drama that is historically based, like Downton Abbey. Entertaining, but not a source to be used for factual decisions.

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