Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0153

After a brief absence, Tomac Bikes is back – with a completely different business model. After signing with global consumer direct brand Planet X, Tomac will be working with On-one head designer Brant Richards to develop a complete line of made-in-the-US Tomac bikes that will be distributed through Planet X. The first bicycle to come out of the partnership is this titanium Montezuma which is built by Saratoga Frameworks, the team that used to build Serotta bikes. Creating an entire US-made line is no easy task, but Richards feels their consumer direct business model will make it possible.

If the Montezuma is any indication, the quality and build of the bikes will be top notch. Check it out after the break.
Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0158

Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0157

At first glance, a gravel or dirt road bike may seem like an odd choice from the champion mountain biker, but Tomac was known for running drop bars off road. That and it looks like an awesome bike. The 3AL/2.5v titanium frame has an optional carbon top tube and Paragon Machine Works Poly Drop dropouts which allow for different axle set ups.

Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0154

A 44mm Paragon head tube allows for tapered forks or straight steerers if you have one lying around.

Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0155

This bike was built up with Shimano’s new BR-785 hydraulic discs with Di2 components as well as prototype hydraulic line disconnects.

Tomac Serotta Saratoga frameworks Montazuma gravel ti bike20130918_0156

A PF30 BB has been shimmed out to run Ultegra cranks, while nice bolt on cable guides keep the rear brake line in check.

The frame as shown retails for an impressive $2500 with the carbon top tube, or $2000 without. Production will begin in less than 60 days with 5 stock sizes to be offered. Richards also notes that US ti road bikes, mountain bikes, and more are on their way in the future.


  1. Always wondered where he went. I like everything but the typeface used in their logo. It’s just a little too amateur / desktop publishing.

  2. I’m a big fan of Tomac and this bike looks great. But, I’ve seen too many mountain brands try their hand at road and cross and completely fail at it.

    I don’t think this is a very wise attempt at reviving a brand.

  3. So I’m a little confused. Is this John Tomac’s collaboration with Planet X/On-One? Or is this Joel Smith’s collaboration?
    Joel Smith worked hard to create a credible Tomac bike brand for the last several years. (I know b/c I’m currently riding two Tomac bikes: Flint HT 29er and Diplomat 120mm full sus 29er) As I understand it he had trouble with capital and some shoddy manufacturers in Taiwan. If this is Joel’s business and way of keeping it afloat… I’m all for it.

    If this is John Tomac, leveraging his name again for yet another Tomac branded bike, I’m disappointed. He had a good thing going with Joel Smith and Tomac MTBs (both Carbon and Alloy) and he let the company die. Shame on him. He continues to discredit his own name again and again.
    So if anyone has more details, please chime in.

  4. @Rohan,
    Thanks for chiming in. I’m familiar with the Bike mag article (as you can see the issues I mentioned are what Bikemag mentioned.) Unfortunately the Bikemag summary is a bit glossed and again, I contend that Johnny T should have worked to keep his name credible by keeping the Tomac bikes built under Joel Smith going. They were great bikes, worthy of the name and frankly as opposed to the bike shown above…actual mountain bikes.
    The “Licensing fees” mentioned in the article are a bigger deal than what the article lets on (by simply mentioning them.)
    The fact John has simply farmed his name out again…I find it smarmy.

  5. @mindless fwiw, Titus was way effed up before they went bankrupt and sold assets to on-one.
    I used to sell them, it wasn’t easy that last year…

  6. Planet X acquired Titus bikes’ name and remaining stock from a post bankruptcy assets auction, they didn’t plan to purchase Titus at all beforehand, but apparently the price was too good to ignore. When two guys from an independent online store can buy the whole brand on a whim, it’s safe to say the brand is already in the toilet.
    Since then Titus has been a moderate success, although really the Fireline and El Guapo have been a success (tolerance issues on the EG that they inherited not withstanding). It’ll be interesting to see how Tomac bikes goes, good to see Planet X getting back into US made frames again.

  7. As an owner of a Serotta Legend Ti, Colorado Soft Tail and a Meivici, I’m stoked to see the boys in Saratoga add some current touches to the best ti/carbon craftsmanship available. Too bad Ben didn’t figure this out sooner. While they’re at it i hope they modernize their pricing…

  8. Looks great. I actually know the guy who fabricated the frame and got to see some pics throughout the process. The guys there are stoked to still be building topshelf bikes. As far as quality is concerned there is no question they will continue to deliver. With a little luck and alot hard work I hope they continue to make strides to execute their business plan. There are some good dedicated people there and as a former framebuilder and Serotta employee I for one am rooting for them.

  9. Just to help clear a few points .

    We are excited to have the chance to work John Tomac to create some cool bikes . What really attracted us was the active involvement that John still has in developping , testing , and generally getting stuck in with us trying to piece togethor the jigsaw of exactly how does a smaller brand compete against the industry goliaths .

    We hope to bring Tomac back to USA production and Saratoga fabrications are getting business from us , we are making bikes in America and trying to buck the trend of far eastern manufacture and fighting for our place . We think this is a good and exciting project .

    We will be producing a complete line reflective of John Tomacs past , present , and future riding needs . The bike shown is simply the first and it was created and built in a matter of weeks with a three way cooperation and a factory visit for John , Brant and Pat at Saratoga . I think for three weeks from first meeting to displaying at Interbike it was a good effort .

    There is much more to come , this is very early days and a long term project . I backed John Tomac myself because and only because he still cares and has great passion , if we can harness this we will have a lot of fun and create some great bikes .

  10. This is another fine example of Dave Loughran collecting used and abused bike brands and the people who ran them. A lot of good collaborating with Titus was. A piece of crap Ti Fireline and El Guapo with bottom bracket height issues coupled with low support for customers seemed to . We heard at length how Titus was the beginning of a new era for Planet X in the US. Would seem they just bought up existing inventory and dumped it in the UK’s market.

    Bought by Planet X? Your brand is in the toilet.

    That being said, John Tomac, we love you. You’re badass and we wish your bike brand, as you owned it, was not run by a bunch of penny pinching Brits.

    You will forever be remembered as a legend regardless of who owns your name.

  11. As a longtime Tomac owner & fan I’m sad to see Joel out if the picture. Fantastic customer service & person. I have a 98 special pro & carbide . Glad to see the brand survive.

  12. I’m glad that Tomac Bikes will be available soon, I’m such a big fan of Tomac , I owned a Tomac Snyper model and I really enjoyed every minute riding on this bike .

  13. Hello Dear Sirs could you please tell something about the future of Tomac frames concerning component and acessories.

    I have a 2.000 Euros Tomac Snyper frame bike and … no spares or assistance…

    Will past models from Tomac have your attention?

    There are many riders very sad with this issue…

    Hope to ear something from you sirs.


    Fernando Rui

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