2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

The new Lazer Z1 road helmet won’t be available until June 2014, but it represents the lightest helmet they’ve ever made at a claimed 220g.

Beyond being light, it introduces some great new designs and concepts. First, it uses a next gen Advanced Rollsys retention system that replaces the wire with thin plastic rings. The shell gets a new shape on the front called T-Pro, referring to extended temple protection. They say that’s an area of the head that’s not typically well protected on road helmets.

On other models, they’ve integrated some MIPS rotational protection or Lifebeam’s Bluetooth heartrate sensor and more…

2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

Shown on the black/yellow model is the removable magnets in the back section that’ll hold their Magneto sunglasses securely out of the way.

2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

The Advanced Rollsys System uses a top mounted dial to adjust a circular retension system that goes from your forehead all the way around the back of your head:

2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

The difference is, there’s no more wire and sleeve…it’s just directly pulling the thin plastic ring. The rear cranium retention is height adjustable.

2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

The T-Pro temple protection is simply a small dropped section in front of the ears.

2014 Lazer Z1 lightweight bicycle helmet

It has a whopping 31 vents, and they’ve been designed to pull more air into and through the helmet for better cooling flow.


Prototype Helium Fast that uses a full aero upper shell bonded to the EPS. It provides structural support, so they can remove some of the foam to make it lighter, too. Greipel’s been choosing to use it in hotter events like the  Tour Down Under, so it must vent fairly well out the back.


New MIPS Helium (road) and MIPS Beam (mtb) will be their first adult helmets with the rotational protection built in. The MIPS Beam will be just $70, $20 more than normal, putting the extra protection at a good price point. The MIPS Helium will be about $260. This one’s a very rough cut prototype.

2014 Lazer Genesis helmet with lifebeam bluetooth heartrate monitor

Lastly, Lazer’s partnered with LifeBeam to integrate their headband heart rate sensor into the Genesis helmet.

2014 Lazer Genesis helmet with lifebeam bluetooth heartrate monitor

A small sensor at the forehead reads your pulse and the transmitter at the back sends the data to your cycling computer or smartphone.

2014 Lazer Genesis helmet with lifebeam bluetooth heartrate monitor

No timeline yet, they’re waiting on Lifebeam to finalize spec and production, but it’ll be available in both ANT+ and Bluetooth versions to work with most cycling computers and smart phones. No more chest straps!


  1. The heart rate thing is neat, though i’ve never had any comfort issues after moving to Garmin’s premium HR strap. The only thing I can think about though is, knowing that the little embossed Giro logo on the forehead pads of my helmet leaves Giro text imprinted on my forehead at times, I can only imagine i’d pull that helmet off and every time there would be a little square right in the middle of my forehead.

  2. Great to see more M.I.P.S. helmets, though I was hoping to see a great deal more from Interbike. Why is the road helmet 3.7 times the price of the mountain bike helmet though? I’m in need of a new road helmet – I would like it to have the M.I.P.S. technology, but that is way out of my price range. SCOTT has a M.I.P.S. helmet (the Taal) that would kinda work for road use if you take the visor off, but it comes in one size fits all and nobody carries it. Apparently the SCOTT and this $260 Lazer are the only options.

  3. @Glenn G.
    The current non-MIPS Helium is MSRP $230, so the increase is in line. It’s their top-end road helmet. The Beam is their entry-level MTB helmet. Looks like they grabbed a model at either end of the spectrum to get MIPS-ed. I was hoping that the O2 would be in line for this tech, as the XXL size in that one is the only Lazer I can get on my noggin.

  4. @Glenn: The Scott Lin also has MIPS and comes in at least two sizes. It is also an MTB helmet with a removable visor.

    I am glad to see a road helmet with MIPS. Finally! When will it be available? Also June 2014?

  5. For all of you that are frustrated with glasses not fitting perfectly on top of your Lazer helmet, check out their Magneto sunglasses. They are THE most comfortable glasses I’ve ever worn, lens quality is top notch and they work with Helium, Genesis & O2 mounting on top of the helmet. The glasses themselves will work with ANY helmet (use on the face) but top of helmet can be vent specific.

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