IB13: Wahoo Fitness Adds RPM Magnet-Free Bluetooth Cadence Sensor


Wahoo Fitness has been on a roll lately, adding updates (like their Strava Segmets app for indoor trainers) and products (like an ANT+ RFLKT cycling computer) on a regular basis. Now, they’ve simplified the cadence sensor with a single-piece Wahoo RPM Bluetooth unit that sticks directly to the crank arm.

It’s just 7g and requires no magnet. It communicates wirelessly with your smartphone to transmit cadence data via Bluetooth 4.0. Retail is $49.99 on it’s own, or find it bundled with the RFLKT or PROTKT iPhone case.

In other news, now you can get your ride data pushed to the RLKFT from another app while keeping your phone safely in your pocket. They’ve partnered with MapMyRide and come October, that app will support the RLFKT computer. They’ve also worked with BKOOL training software to add support for their KICKR trainer.


5 thoughts on “IB13: Wahoo Fitness Adds RPM Magnet-Free Bluetooth Cadence Sensor

  1. I know it’s only a cadence sensor but maybe this will help push stages to figure it out for carbon cranks… I can see a stages 2.0 soon.

  2. Ryan, not sure how this product would push stages. Stages can already do this as they have a power meter built into their unit. They could stick one of their pods to a carbon crank and get cadence.

    However, the limitation to stages being bonded to carbon cranks is because of power. The modulus of carbon cranks are not as consistent as metallic cranks from part to part. The fiber orientation of carbon can vary from part to part because it is done by hand. A consistent modulus is absolutely required for the measured strain picked up by the strain gages to be converted accurately to power. You might be able to do this by calibrating a crank and formulating a power conversion formula for every single carbon crank but that’s not cost effective.

  3. Thank you for that, Victor. I already knew all of that. Just saying it would be nice if stages could get it to work with a carbon crank.

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