Leat Five.Five Neck Brace RearWhile neck braces have a long history in motorspots, Dr. Leatt and his company have almost single handedly introduced the concept to two wheeled and offroad sports. The original brace was first sold in 2004 and they’ve been gaining in popularity ever since.

While the company has made small running changes over the years, and a major revision three years ago, the new Five.Five neckbrace is the most drastic update to this life saving device in the companies history.

Hop past the break to learn about the changes to the new Five.Five and some exciting new products


Leatt Five-Five versus DBX Neck Brace ComparisonThe Five.Five is really a completely redesigned brace. Side by side, one of the most obvious changes is in the padding. The current Leatt the Five.Five is replacing featured washable padding that was optimized for particular disciplines. Mountain bikers received lower profile padding for freer range of movements and motorcyclists had thicker pads to better support the increased weight and diameter of DOT helmets.

The new model features plastic molding rather than fabric padding for easier clean up. Now you can just set it out on the driveway and hose it down with the rest of your gear.

Leatt Five-Five versus DBX Neck Brace Comparison Top View

Leatt Five.Five Neck Brace ClipThe general width and size of the neck platform remain the same, although the padding on the DBX make it look larger.

One other major revision Leat made on the Five.Five neck brace is the new clasping mechanism. Gone are the big red levers located on each side of the DBX, in their wake is one simple clip.Leatt Five.Five Brace Padding

Overall, the biggest improvement to the new brace is the ease of adjustability. Leatt has made it easier for shops to dial in fit for customers by replacing the hex keyed spacer pins with simple plastic wedges and clips.

For example, if you want to raise the height of the brace, it’s as easy as clipping in a set of spacers to change the height of the brace in relation to your helmet.

Leat Five.Five Neck Brace Rear Plate AdjustmentThe old thoracic strut was adjustable by removing a hex head bolt, the revised system is adjustable four ways using two included dual sided wedges.. We were told the new system helps take adjustment time down from a few minutes to a mere 20 seconds for those with fitment experience.

Leatt Five-Five versus DBX Neck Brace Comparison Front Chect Plate

Also new is the dual chesty plates, which Leatt claims improve overall comfort by allowing independent moving when riding. You can also adjust the height and angle of the plates with either a wedge or spacers. A less adjustable version of this dual chesty design is also currently available on the DBX Comp 4.

For now, the Five.Five will only be available in poly-carbonate. So if you’re looking for the lightest weight option, the DBX Carbon (which is nearly 200 grams lighter) is your best option.

Leatt Five-Five Adult and JR Neck BraceWorried abut Jr? Leatt has also trickled down the tech for the little tikes with the Five.Five JR. The important thing to note is that even though kids helmets are smaller than those for adults, the platform size must remain nearly the same size for optimal safety.

The biggest difference between the two is the difference in the thoracic (back plate) angle, which must be contoured further inward for kids.

Leatt Childrens Two Two Chest Protector Front

Leatt Childrens two tw chest procter and neck braceThe new Fusion 2.0 is the first integrated neck brace and chest protector system of it’s kind. The chest and back protector are both CE1 certified and offer better protection against impacts than your typical roost protector. The shoulder pads are also CE certified and removable for comfort.

As cool as this setup looks, it’s unfortunately only available for kids because it’s not flexible enough for adult riders. The Fusion will be available in two sizes. One for kids between 105-125 cm and another for those between 125-150 cm.

Leatt Airfit Proection Suit V2Also in display at the Leatt Booth where two brand new AirFit Protectoin suits. These suits are meant to be worn directly against the skin  and incorporate pads into the moisture whicking fabric. The triple density foam used is 30% lighter than the hard plastic foam found in some of their adventure suits, but provides the same high levels of protection. Whether you prefer your suit with or without sleeves, both the front and rear are certified to the highest CE standards.

We’ve reached out to Leatt for information about pricing and availability for all the new products and will update shortly.

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  1. Nice that companies are steping up to supple the little gromes with their own protection. Now maybe Kali will step up and make a kids bmx/mtb full face helmet that is as light their Avatar. My kid will be set with his bmx set up. Now he rides Troy Built vest/chest and Fly helmet which weights a ton!

  2. Good to see independent struts on the rear of the brace. The one complaint I know of with these VS atlas / moto neck braces is in the case of a head impact that throws your head backwards all of the force is sent into your spine. Now it sends it into your ribcage & muscles..hopefully avoiding spinal injury.

  3. When will there be a proper protection for the abdomen?
    It’s like there’s nothing to protect there?
    Part from your liver, spleen, intestines & there useless stuff…

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