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In addition to some of the world’s best beer, now Colorado and North Carolina have yet another quality in common. Asheville, NC’s Suspension Experts have joined with PUSH Industries, a Loveland, CO suspension component manufacturer and tuning facility. Suspension Experts will now be the first fully authorized “Factory Tuning Center” for all PUSH Industries’ suspension products.

As noted by PUSH Industries’ President, Darren Murphy, “We’d been looking at new ways of handling the growth through our technical service department and the discussion turned to using outside service centers. Suspension Experts had been on our radar for some time and was an obvious choice.”

Kevin Booth, founder of Suspension Experts agrees, “This is an excellent opportunity for us. We will have an even larger array of options for our customers to choose from and PUSH components are some of the most premium available.”

Suspension Experts will begin offering and installing PUSH Industries parts and components this fall season.


  1. this is awesome news. The guys at SuspEx have always been truly top notch, and Push makes some great products. Sounds like a perfect partnership!

  2. I’ve had my last PUSHED fork and shock ever. Poor customer service, never responds to emails, shoddy craftsmanship; my Fork worked well for 4 rides. PUSH wouldn’t fix it without paying another rebuild fee $175. That’s after spending almost $700 to get my fork & shock PUSHEd. Hopefully suspex won’t act the same.

  3. Sorry about your experience. We offer a minimum 90 day warranty on all of our work, so if you developed problems in the first 4 rides we definitely wouldn’t charge you. It seems like your email address may be getting blocked by our filters so if you’d like to contact me directly to further resolve your issue I’d be happy to help. Darren (970) 278-11110.

  4. My fork/shock was PUSHED by Darren Murphy and his crew. Best decision and money spent. Exactly what I was looking for, and very balanced front to rear. Great customer service and quick turnaround. Thanks guys

  5. I was trying to decide who to go with PUSH or SE, after calling both and talking to each of them.
    I have Rocky Mountain 2013 Element 999, I need both front and rear shocks serviced. I will be going with Suspension Experts. My gut is usually right !!

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