Praxis Works Turn Road Crank

Praxis Works made their claim to fame by launching the brand with high quality forged chainrings (reviewed here).  Next from Praxis came their BB conversion kit, standard BB’s, and even their new M35 BB system.  Now it’s time to complete the set with new cranks from their sister brand Turn.  The R30 and M30, road and mountain respectively, are the first in what will be a growing lineup.

The R30 slots inline with an Ultegra level of quality and performance.  At initial launch, the size range should include 170, 172.5, and 175 options, with more arm lengths planned as manufacturing continues.  The BCD will be 110mm at first, wit ha 130 later.  Compact and semi-compact ringlets will be available. While we couldn’t weigh the production samples, I am told that with their BB and rings, the set should be around 820g.  As of now, it should drop with a 68mm standard BB version, and can be outfitted with their Conversion BB for PF30 and BB30 frames.  Oh, and no word from them on that carbon version we initial spied back at Interbike in 2011.

Make the jump for M30 details, plus a note on Campy rings.

Praxis Works Turn MTB Crank

The M30 hits the XT level of quality and performance.  Arm lengths are expected to be available in 165, 170 , and 175.  Ring combos will pull from the existing Praxis Works mountain double and triple sets.  Weight for the M30 with BB and a double ringset will run in the range of 850g.

Praxis Works Crank Arm Cutaway

Having three sets of Praxis rings personally, and knowing how well they work, I can’t wait to see how the cranks preform.  If you want an early preview though, an OE deal was struck with Oval so you will be seeing sets similar to these on Fuji and Kestrel in 2014.  For the house brand Turn, there is no set price or release date yet, but as soon as we hear we’ll let you know.

On a final note, Praxis Works has confirmed that they will not be producing Campy compatible chainrings.  They are focused on delivering a quality product through good engineering.  Plus, they are a small company that is trying to grow.  Resources are currently being allocated to their existing products, and to acquire / fulfill deals with OE partners.  Maybe one day they can revisit the Campy rings.


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