2014 Foes Racing Shaver XC 650B full suspension mountain bike made in the USA

The 2014 Foes Racing Shaver XC is now 650B and gets a complete revamp to get much lighter.

Brent Foes tweaked the heck out of the frame, dropping 3/4 pound from just the swing arm. Then he lightened up the headtube and BB by using thinner tubes, and the hydroformed top tube pieces are also using slightly thinner walls. Altogether the changes saved about a pound compared to the outgoing 26″ model. Frame weight is 6.5 lbs with extra volume Fox Float CTD shock.

He also updated the  the FXR long travel bike to use the middle wheel size…

2014 Foes Racing Shaver XC 650B full suspension mountain bike made in the USA

Travel is adjustable between 4.5″ and 5″ without changing geometry. Just move the lower shock mount to the other set of holes on the linkage. Head angle is 68.5° and seat angle is 73°.

2014 Foes Racing Shaver XC 650B full suspension mountain bike made in the USA

Even with the tubeset changes, Foes keeps the monocoque construction they’re known for, albeit with some curvier new shapes.

2014 Foes Racing Shaver XC 650B full suspension mountain bike made in the USA

Retail is $2,399 for the frameset. This complete bike was built up under 25lbs (claimed, but that felt about right) without any super chichi parts. Available in November. Expect the same weight saving changes to make their way to the Shaver 29er.

2014 Foes Racing FXR 650B long travel enduro full suspension mountain bike made in the USA

The FXR is their “enduro” bike, called that only at our mock prodding. It also goes to 650B. 6.3″ and 7″ travel swap, putting it above the mid/long travel F275 introduced last year.



  1. That 650B trend is getting ridiculous! Almost all manufacturers are letting down their 26-inch wheels models to jump on the 27.5 train. I, for one, want to keep riding my 26″ wheeler — and I’m not the only one. Are manufacturers really listening to people or just trying to push another fad? The ones that will keep on offering 26″ wheeled bikes will have my business.

  2. Good job Foes! As a die hard 26″ MTB lover (5’7″ is why), I have to say, all the 27.5″ hype is for real for most of us under 5’9″-10″. I hate to break it to all the hold-outs, but this tweener wheel size is the right size for modern MTB’s. I have a year and a half on both a hardtail and a 5.5″ trail bike w/ 27.5″ and it is a worthwhile and seamless transition with out any regrets, read ” no regrets” . I have raced the hardtail all season against 29″ Whagon-Wheelers and it is at least as fast, if not faster. My opinion is its faster! The proof is in the results (quite good this year!) and through time spent on a 27.5″ bike. Don’t knock it, till you try it! It is here to stay and it is a legitimate alternative to the over hyped 29’er craze. BTW- It was rider driven for those of us looking to keep MTB’s fun and more maneuverable.

  3. NIce looking bikes. Like the fact that the FXR is now 650B. Wondering if you could get a floating brake on the FXR since it’s still a very simple single pivot.

  4. My favorite is _____ so I don’t understand why any company would make ____ . Pesonally I’m just glad we’re getting rid of that 26″ trend that wrecked havoc on the mtb world for so long.

  5. Answer to Rohan 09/24/13 . I have been lucky enough to have ridden and owned almost every designed suspension out : four bars = all types, VPP, DW, and various single pivots “excluding voodoo smoke & mirror design and patent go arounds designs. I currently have one of mr. foes fxr 275 frames and can tell you , wheel size discussion aside, that his brake action is on bar with all current designs on the marked. Foes current ESP “evolved single pivot” pivot placement not only controls brake interaction, creates a no flex frame but also creates a pedaling platform that leaves many designs in the dust . Just lock out your fork stand up and sprint and the bike is like a missile … Take the internet, magazine and marketing stuff with a grain of salt .. Dont knock it till ya try it.. Thanks Foes

  6. I have recently ridden both the F275 and the FXR275 and can say without a doubt they are the best all around bikes I have ever ridden. The traction from the 275 wheel is unreal, but you don’t get the oversized feeling like you do on 29ers. The Foes frames feel so solid that I hit every feature on my local trails without thinking twice about how the outcome would be. they take any hit you can throw at them (especially the FXR 275). Like mike w said, don’t knock it till you try it. It will change the way you ride…

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