IB13: Full Easton Dream Bike Raffle Line Up

After recently announcing the Easton Dream Bike Charity Raffle, they kicked things off with the first give away – the Calfee Manta Pro. While the rest of the bikes will be raffled off one a month after the Calfee. Easton had the whole line on display including this beautiful Black Cat. Full details about each model will be announced later, but for now jump past the break to check out the bikes from Caletti, Hunter, and Rock Lobster as well!

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0021

The Black Cat is a gorgeous steel bike out of their shop in Aptos, CA. Built with an integrated lower cup and external upper cup, the headtube stands out. The matte grey paint highlights Black Cat’s typically stellar paint work.

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0025

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0026

The Caletti ti bike is as usual an exquisite frame out of his work shop off the back of his house.

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0027

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0028

The Hunter Cycles steel bike offers a classy understated look with classic lines.

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0022

easton dream bike raffle20130916_0024 easton dream bike raffle20130916_0023

Finally, this awesome mint green Rock Lobster alloy race machine rounds things out. More details on the bikes and the charities they will support as we get it!




  1. So the calfee is a DI2 bike and everything else is plain old Dura-Ace? All would be a great win, but that’s pretty different in total valuation.

  2. @Anthony: so one being Di2 and the other being mechanical really stands out to you, but one being carbon, some steel, one alloy, and one Ti doesn’t? Think frame material MAY change the total valuation JUST A BIT as well?

    That Calfee Manta Pro is $4800. A Rock Lobster is $1400. A Caletti Ti frame is $2800.

  3. It seems pretty obvious that Easton was looking to auction off 5 bikes to suit different tastes That’s a smart decision as not everyone wants a CF,Ti, aluminum, or steel frame. As for value, I think there’s a lot of value in those frames, especially when each will only cost each winner $5. Hell, even if you don’t like any of the frames, winning any of them would give you the opportunity for a nice eFray windfall.

    I’m not interested in the Calfee or the Rock Lobster, but I’ll be buying a few tickets for the Caletti, Black Cat, and Hunter frames.

  4. That black cat bike is the works!
    I would like t ride that thang!
    Uhuh..cat also can be called p*ssy
    Its childish but when i said it out loud it made me chuckle!
    All af this because of the emotion when i saw that bike!
    A Beauty!

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