The new Devinci Newton is their latest commuter bike, the first that’s inspired by their bike share models for New York, Chicago, Aspen, San Francisco and others.

The frame is hydroformed alloy with rack and fender mounts and a curvy modern look. 700c tires and a somewhat upright riding position with flat handlebars should make for a fast, capable city bike.

The real standout features are the electronics: It builds integrated lights into the fork legs and rear dropouts. Those, coupled with reflective sidewalls on the tires, provide 360° visibility. They’re powered by a front hub dynamo that sends the power first to a capacitor in the seat tube to store the charge, then back to each set of lights. That allows them to continue blinking for up to 90 seconds after you’re stopped (helpful for when stopped at a light or something but still on the road).


Note the complete absence of visible wires.


The more you look at the subtle curves and the formed dropouts, the more we like this bike.


It’s disc brake specific with partial internal routing for a very clean look. Even the rack/fender mounts are subtle and sleek.


Up front is a tapered headtube that has their nifty little stopper tab to keep the bar from spinning too far around. This protects the internal wiring.

The top model is $1,699 and comes spec’d with Shimano Tiagra 2×10 drivetrain and LX hydraulic brakes. A lower level model is available for $1,399 with an Acera build (but still hydro brakes).

While the bike share bikes are made in Canada, these are designed there but made in Asia. Assembly happens back in Canada.


  1. I think its hot.
    its a great direction.
    I’m in the market for a hot, upbeat, kind of punk, city style commuter for a friend.
    she’s kind of hardcore, super fit, likes fashion, mostly commutes, kids, often drags a trailer to accommodate daily demand. we live in a small community with immediate amenities. life is very focused.

    with the likes of cargo bikes
    myself on a BD for a number of years and being without automobile for over a decade
    often times, the BD is over kill, and honestly I can’t see her riding it.

    my solo life is pretty well refined, where I have my semi-yuppie RX job up on the hill, here in Monterey, Ca. my work commute/workout thru Pebble Beach, which has me totally spoiled, rolling out on nice new carbon road bikes and yes… Vittoria Open Corsa is the norm… roads are smooth and clean! i myself, can pretty much deal with my life out of a messenger bag.

    however, Sky’s daily Life(fx) has kids, backpacks, a job ontop of a steep hill, lunches, daily cooking, et al. lunch breaks go to the gym and jam around town on the bike.

    it seems to me there is a demand here. its not exactly easy to fit a road bike to her niche
    a MTB… seems over kill
    when she grabs one of my 16lb road bikes… wtf? she wants that. of course right? who wouldn’t want that 20mph jaunt along the coast.

    I really like the BMC city bike… thats a uber yuppie. typically we don’t have to worry about “locking” a bike, as they simply go right thru the door and get parked inside, and/or bike lockers, or other secure domain.

    it seems to me there is a market here. however… needs a freaking triple. i.e. mom with trailer, +50lbs of bike, trailer, daily garb, on +13% gradient, trying not to break too much of a sweat before work.

    dropouts need to accommodate the likes of a Burly trailer hitch.

  2. Devo – I was just thinking ‘I love it but I’d prefer a single up front’ lol. You can’t please everyone.

    Very nice idea with a reasonable price tag, I hope it does well.

  3. lights are too low indeed. also, wht if they get damaged-cracked? i prefer a knog light anytime, or just that cheapo seatpost with integrated leds for 50$ at ebay. and it works in any frame…

    This is a nice bike for contemporary yuppies like Devo… The BMC is so much cooler though… right devo?

  4. Im with Devo on this one. I’m pretty much just a homeless alcoholic living on the streets of pittsburg and my routine is very well sorted out. Wake up under my overpass and zip downtown on my dogma for a quick panhandle then mash up to the 7-11 for a 40 of old E. the problem is my girl Thelma, shes a junkie and has a lot of bags and a longer commute to get her fix. She doesnt wale up until evening and then shes always in a hurry. Plus a scraggly old three legged cat she takes everywher with her for “protection”
    I was letting her us the colnago ferrari cuz its red and blood drops dont show up on it but dude she always forgets to charge her nightrider plus the cat hair is adding unwanted weight. Anyway i have to get her one of these

  5. ^^^^^ Hahahahaha

    Like the idea, but it seems a bit overpriced for a commuter with that group though. I like the technology though, seems perfect for lights, I hate recharging or getting batteries, and with the led’s today, they aren’t going to be going out anytime soon.

  6. A bike marketed as a commuter should come stock with fenders. And I agree with others that the lights are too low for good visibility by others.

  7. Okay, so where can I test ride one of these? I live in Central Valley, CA and ride to work everyday. I prefer a fat-tire bike for the rough roads and alleys here but would consider one of these as an option. Anybody know where to look?

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