Gloworm small high intensity mountain bike lights

Gloworm is out of Auckland, New Zealand, and has a range of very bright and very small lights – even the largest 3-bulb Xs model is compact and light enough to wear on your helmet. Even better, the lenses can be customized using the included parts to create the beam pattern you want.

Shown left to right above are the CX Commuter (looks like a flashlight), the X1, X2 and Xs. The latter three use one, two or three bulbs respectively and pump out 950, 1500 or 2200 lumens.

The lights are built from CNC’d aircraft grade alloy and don’t use any plastic other than the optics, which are protected by an additional cover lens.

Gloworm small high intensity mountain bike lights with power remaining battery display

The batteries have built in lights to show power remaining. All models will work with any of their batteries, but each comes with a specific 2- or 4-cell battery, so you’d have to buy spares or upgrades separately. Both the lights and batteries are waterproof, with completely sealed high quality Panasonic rechargeable batteries hiding inside the packs.

Gloworm small high intensity mountain bike lights with customizable lenses

Each model includes three optics, letting you customize the beam pattern with a mix of normal, spot and flood. On the X1, you use an included tool that slots into the front bezel…and doubles as a bottle opener. The others’ covers bolt on.

In addition to changing the beam pattern, the output settings can be quickly customized using the button on the units. Each model has two or three modes, plus a special mode, and each setting can be made to pump out any where from 1% to 100% of the available output. The special mode can be set to flash, super dim or beacon. Here are the quick specs:


  • 950 lumen
  • 58g light body
  • Two cell battery
  • 2.25 – 48 hour run time
  • $210


  • 1500 lumen
  • 80g light body
  • Four cell battery
  • 2.5 – 48 hour run time
  • $270


  • 2200 lumen
  • 110g light body
  • High Capacity Four cell battery
  • 2 – 36 hour run time
  • $370

CX commuter

  • 600 lumen
  • 120g light unit (including battery)
  • USB charging
  • 1.5-30 hour run time
  • $130

Gloworm small high intensity mountain bike lights with integrated GoPro mounting system

All units include a handlebar and helmet mount, and they’re working on a GoPro style additional mount that’ll let it sleekly fit into the current crop of helmets with integrated camera mounts.


  1. I have the X2 and have found it to be an excellent product. I wear it on my helmet. It’s actually brighter than my Mk III Exposure D-Max. The Lumen rating is accurate for the older 1200 lumen X2 model – check out the pro and punter reviews on MTBR.

    Customer service also very good. No, I am not a corporate plant 😉

  2. Everyone at my shop runs these things now, and most of the crew doing our shop night rides run them as well.
    Super bright, so so easy to program lights to do what you want and I absolutely love having the switch on a remote instead of having to fumble up behind the light.
    very very tough lil units but really light weight at the same time, the level of water resistance is also quite surprising seen some cool vid’s of them being chucked into water tanks and they just keep on going.
    I can’t recommend them enough.

  3. Running the X1 on the helmet and X2 on the bars, as my first nightriding setup, it has done extremely well. Having the button able to be placed anywhere is nice too, seatpost lever on the left, light remote on the right.

  4. I have the X2 as well, which is my third ‘serious’ light, the other two being Serfas 1500 lumen (Actual) and Magicshine 1000 lumen (Claimed, actual 600).
    The X2 has a nice CNC machined body with heavy duty connectors. It is smallest, the lightest and the only waterproof light in the line.
    There are better lumen per dollar lights out there (aforementioned two definitely are). However, this one is simply a better quality product.

    On a related note, the 4 cell battery that came with the X2 just went a bit wonky the other day. It works okay except the low battery light was on even at full charge and the light flickered as well. I contacted the place I ordered from and the replacement was in the mail the next day. Best customer care I’ve ever had!
    Thanks Jim @ Action LED Lights!

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