Phil Wood Skewers Clamping Service

The CNC machining geniuses over at Phil Wood & Co. always have some shiny goodies in their booth.  New for this year are anodized quick release skewers.  The lever is aluminum and stainless hardware is used.  Because the serrated clamping surface is stainless, the grooves shouldn’t flatten out for a good long while.  Retail will be $99 a pair.

A Phil Wood surprise and updates from White Industries past the break.

Phil Wood Skewers Ano Colors


Phil Wood Purple Ano BB and Spacers


Phil Wood BB Polished with Teflon Impregnation

The Phil Wood BB’s are now available in aluminum and come in several anodized colors.  They including anodized spacers, and they have interchange center sleeves for easy upgrade later.  The anodization keeps the BB from seizing, but on the polished version, they have taken the extra step to use a teflon impregnation process for the same effect.

Phil Wood Headset Polished


Phil Wood Top Cap

There is usually a surprise or two hanging out in their booth every year.  This year it was a prototype headset.  Phil Wood is known for quality, and with any new product they develop, it has to meet a very high standard.  In the case of their headset, they looked far and wide for bearings that would live up to their expectation, but everything they found on the market already wouldn’t pass their testing.  So, they are now in talks with a manufacture to work out a bearing solution.  Once that’s in place, we should see these showing up for public consumption.  No word on pricing or release date yet.

White Industries Center Lock Disc Hubs

White Industries has worked with Shimano to update up their disc hub with a Centerlock option.  The samples at the show were not the final product however, as the tooling is being finalized.  The option should be available in late October or early November.

White Industries Ano Hubs

Also at the White booth were eight very nice looking anodized color options.  All 8 (including their existing black and silver) will be stocked coming late October and will show up in red, orange, pink, purple, blue, black, green, and silver gold.


  1. “In the case of their headset, they looked far and wide for bearings that would live up to their expectation, but everything they found on the market already wouldn’t pass their testing.”

    Yes, I’m so happy about this because those damn King headsets are so notorious for their short lifespans.


  2. Phil Wood, I love you but maybe you have jumped the shark. I roll on the FSC hubs, they are beautiful in every way (except weight) and exceed the expectations for durability, maintenance needs, sound…just fantastic. I have had Kings, White Industries, Hugi, DT Swiss and these work better than all combined, no ceramic trickery here. But then to release what appears to be an OPEN CAM SKEWER, synonymous with lightweight and or junk skewers…say it ain’t so. I will leave this here
    Secondly, you make fantastic stuff, bottom brackets to live by. But headsets? Those are handled already. Is this a revenge thing against the Kings of Portland? Is Chris stealing that much of the BB market that you now need to jump in again him and the Cane Creek boys?
    Third, those colors are ugly. They might do very well in a Tim Burton era Batman Joker outfit with Jack Nicholson, but he has the grace to retire from Laker purple and think you should too.
    Finally, I realize a ton of the hub market is being prebuilt. I know Phil Wood is known in bike shops as the green tube of grease people. I know the FSC design is portly. Is the fixie market dying? Is that the slowdown? Redesign the FSC to work with 11 speeds/XX1 and offer some thru-axle variants. Please stay away from making junk to keep sales coming in.

  3. I have to agree with Anthony. There are only two brands of quick release that I trust, Shimano and Royce. Why? Because they have the internal cam design. Every time I fit ones like these new Phil ones either my rear wheel pulls out or my front one comes loose.

    Do we know whether those WI hubs will be convertable between QR and bolt through?

  4. i’ve been waiting for a centerlock hub option from King or White Industry. thank you White Industry, i know what i will be buying.

    once you go centerlock you never go back.

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