The new Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II is a fresh option that puts colors down at the bead rather than on the tread. This lets them keep the Black Chili compound where’s needed, so it has better grip and reduced rolling resistance than they could ever get with a colored rubber on the top.

The color comes all the way to the bead, so when mounted it touches the rim. They’re available in 700×23 in gray, orange, green, blue, yellow and red.

Speaking of Black Chili, their reps say the engineers are able to incrementally improve the compound by 3-4% every year just through continued R&D, so this model has slightly better adhesion in wet and dry conditions, better durability and lower rolling resistance.

Just as exciting, there are now wider and (much) cheaper options from Continental, too…


And to keep with trends, there’s a new 700×28 width in black only.

2014 Continental GrandSport and UltraSport road bike tires

From a manufacturing side, they’ve opened a new, wholly owned factory in China that has the same exact processes, expertise and materials as what they’re doing in Germany. That lets them bring their new Pure Grip compound and NyTech breaker to tires at $40 price points in the new GrandSport folding bead tire. It has a 60tpi casing and comes in at just 220g.

The new UltraSport has those same features except the breaker for just $24.95. A wire bead version is $19.95. All are available in 23/25/28 widths.

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  1. I don’t believe for a second that the Chinese made tires will be as good as the German made ones. I’ve been riding Conti’s for a long time but its time to look at other brands who don’t screw their workers to make more money and lessen quality.

  2. Darwin, I think the high end tires are stil made in Germany. It’s just the new, cheap tires that are made in China. So just don’t buy the cheap tires and you’ll be fine.

  3. FWIW, the Grandsport is standard spec on the new Addict 10 and, though I’m hearing good things about the bike, the rate of flats has meant the three bikes I know of in circulation of these tyres being switched out.

  4. Though I have loved Conti for years and years, the lack of leading modern tire trends in Road and MTB, leaves me sad and disappointed in the Brand. Hey Conti! Tubeless Road and lots of 27.5″ options makes way better sense, though those sidewall colors look…..honestly, cheap and appear to me to be a Jedi Mind Trick in place of real innovation.

  5. way to go Conti. for trying to keep us bikers better equipped and hope I don’t get a flat tire for saying this!… don’t listen to the haters!

  6. I ran my first set of Conti 4000S. The tyres started dry rotting after a year of use and strings started peeling off the sidewall and bead connection.

    didn’t get my full mileage out of them 🙁

  7. I purchased 3 Gp 4000s tires recently one after the other and they all had issues which should have been stopped by quality control. It’s not really about where they are made, it’s more about having good quality control.

  8. I have really enjoyed running the 4000s tires. Actually, they are what made me come back to Conti after a long term Italian tire love affair. I’ve used up 4 tires in the last 2 years and they all performed phenomenally.
    My assumption is the same as Max above, the top tier 4000s will continue in Germany while others move to Asia. can the reporter comment on that? I kind of hope so. I mean, I’ll try them if they are not continuing in Germany, but I’d feel better – more automatic – about my purchase if they did keep them rolling from Germany.
    Hey Rich! Tires get dry rot for a lot of reasons. Sometimes WE can do bad things to good stuff and get poor results. So don’t be so quick to blame the manufacturer. Plus, if you haven’t gotten full mileage out of them in a year, you need to get out more often! get on out there if you can…

  9. Finally found the ultimate way to virtually eliminate flats. Avoid riding rush hour, weekend afternoons and especially any and all so called bike lanes like the plague. Haven’t flatted Italian, German, Dutch or even cheap Serfas rubber in close to 6000 miles. As long as you can tolerate childish road rage tantrums, it’s the only way to fly. Huge disclaimer:

    Not recommended for beginners.

  10. These new 28C varieties by Continental are very nice to see. There is now a considerable list of 28mm and wider tires that weigh in under 300 g:

    Serfas STK-RS Folding Seca Road Tires 700 x 28C 230g
    Grand Bois Extra Léger 700 x 32C 232g
    Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II 700 x 28C 235 g
    Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II 700 x 28C 235 g
    Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 700 x 28C 235g
    Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 700 x 28C 245g
    Schwalbe One 700 x 28C 245g
    Grand Bois Cerf Green 700 x 29C 248g
    Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 700 x 28C 260g
    Continental Grand Sport Extra-Race-Light 700 x 28C 270 g
    Panaracer T-Serve 700 x 28C 270g
    Continental UltraSport II 700 x 28C 280 g
    Challenge Parigi Roubaix Clincher 700 x 27C 280g
    Panaracer Pasela TG 700 x 28C 280g
    Vittoria Open Pavè CG 700 x 27C 280g
    Schwalbe Durano 700 x 28C 290g
    Grand Bois Cyprès 700 700 x 32C 290g
    Specialized ROUBAIX PRO 700 x 25/28C 300g
    Kenda Kwick Roller Sport L3R 700 x 28C 300g

  11. I bought six some Continental tubes last year that started blowing out, one had a 2 foot rip, for no apparent reason. Other than they were made in China. I switched to Schwalbe. I will try the 4000 II S, but if it comes from China, it will be my last one.

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