Paul Components QR LeverTwenty five years ago Paul Components was launched. Their first product was a closed cam QR skewer with a machined aluminum lever and steel shaft. Suggested retail was $39 for a set. If you missed out the first time, it’s your lucky day. These classic skewers will soon be available in black and silver.

Since then, the company has grown from a small garage based operation to a beautiful facility on the outskirts of town (and a short spin from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company).

Paul Components Spacer for 1xNew at the show is a spacer that will help create a better chainline for those running 1x drivetrains.
Paul Components Color Match ProgramNot new but also on display was the full spectrum of colors being offered through their new Color of the Month program.

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  1. @xcgeek,
    are you sure you are happy? sounds like someone may have swapped your zoloft with my low blood pressure medicine. (I’m picturing a grimacing Chris Farley squeezing out – i’m happy right now!)

  2. Paul is never trying to be cutting edge and being sarcastic sounds arrogant. Also, since when has Paul Components ever been a “good deal” unless you got’em used off of Craigslist? It’s a boutique company! An amazing one at that. They have a wonderful niche in cycling and fill it perfectly. Don’t hate, participate!

  3. I actually consider Paul’s product quite a good deal.

    They offer unique ’boutique’ quality products that are a lot more accessible to the mass market than what some other companies would offer.

    Their simple, yet elegant approach to engineering isn’t the most lightest or even the most sophisticated, but offers quality and durability that will last a lot longer than use-it-and-throw-it-away-products that we most commonly find in the bike industry nowadays.

  4. The originals were 130g/pr, FWIW. I imagine the new ones will be lighter, but who knows. Paul has really never been a player in the WW market.

  5. I would consider a well designed U.S. product a good deal as long as the price matches the quality. My Paul levers and brakes on my flat bar cross bike work perfectly well, thus justifying the expenditure. Or save some money and buy cheaper stuff that doesn’t work as well. Plain and simple.

  6. my SS hubs have lasted over 13 years and run smoothly. there is no substitute for made in the USA parts or anyone with 2 or 3 decades of skill and experience. you can trust Paul Comp. for life, bro’s!

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