Novatec Factor Carbon WheelsNovatec is on a major roll this year. At Eurobike, they released carbon road wheels and road disc wheels, and now they’re officially releasing details about their all new carbon rims.

Their Faction line of wheels is their highest end offering and has been undergoing serious abuse under Kyle Straight since Sea Otter. In fact, Kyle intends on rocking this new wheelset at Rampage. Will he be the first rider to trick carbon rims successfully on Virgin Utah’s biggest stage?

Novatec Factor HubsThe hubs differ from their current line up by offering more points of engagement. Each will be available with tool-less 4 in 1 adapters.

These display models were built with bladed Sapim spokes but production models will use Pillar Spokes – which use the same wire as Sapim.

Novatec Carbon Fiber RimThe wheels will be available in 26-29″ size and will have a 21mm internal width. The company is aiming for a sub 2k price and relatively low weight. They’re hoping the production 27.5″ wheels will weigh between 1500-1550 grams and the 29er” will sit at 1550-1600 grams. Availability should be May-June next year. The first wheels off the lot will be the more DH oriented 26″ rims, with the larger wheels to follow.



  1. Some warning on Novatec hubs. I hope I am proven wrong in a blaze of comments. However, my ridding buddy uses these on a XC dualie and a single speed and just a week ago part way through a ride it went into a freewheel mode. Upon inspection I found that the female part of the ratchet is a metal press fit into the alu. Or was a press fit, now it just spins around. No keyway or shoulders to stop it spinning. A few weeks before that incident the rear axle broke on the single speed and no shop (real or online) have been able to fine a replacement – buy a new hub!

  2. What he’s talking about is that Novatec has long been a “budget” brand. Maybe the time has come that they are turning this around. Good luck with the new product, and hopefully it proves to be a solid performer.

  3. Any can buid a pair of very strong wheels and light with part of that money$$$….I´m just ordering a pair of Stans FLow EX with e13 TRS hubs, Sapim spokes ad DT nipples in 900$ full price and weight is 1770gr, and planning to use them in the Enduro races next year. IMO pay double price or more just for a carbon rim is too much. I respect to the people which like the carbon, but for me that part of my bike will wait long time until the price really decrease. Lets ride friends!

  4. The rims you can get for like $170 at Huge following and there is a crap ton of info on all the forums.

  5. “Remember, you can only tape these rims to a maximum of 160 psi.”

    That’s an issue? I’ve seen carbon road rims that can’t go above 110psi! Who on earth runs that on an MTB?

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