Polaris Fit Tracker Bracelet

At Interbike, Polar was demonstrating a new fitness tracking bracelet targeted towards athletes. The bracelet works in conjunction with a heart rate monitor and allows users to monitor a variety of different activities, including cycling, which other popular models like the Nike FitBit can’t do. 

Polaris Bracelet Fit Tracker Scale

The model has a mode which shows you quickly close you are to achieving your daily fitness goal and also let you track calories, steps, and more.

Polaris Bracelet Fit Tracker Andriod IOS App

Your achievements will be wirelessly synced over bluetooth to an app which will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Training data will also be available in online.

Polaris Braclet Fit Tracker Magnetic Charger

Underneath the bracelet is a magnetic USB port, which allow for quick and easy charging. 

For now, the Polar fitness tracking bracelet is still under development but you can expect production sometime next year.


  1. I read about this yesterday on engadget and they clam the black version will be available next month and the pink will be available next year.

  2. The Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit product are two completely different things.

    How does it monitor cycling? Through another peripheral or on the main device?

  3. Dig it. Always wanted something like this over the chest strap. If made by Garmin someday or made compatible with my 800 I’m a buyer.
    Oh hell, my HR is always redlined don’t need a monitor to tell me that!

  4. @rustydogg What is the point of wearing a hr monitor if you are just going balls to wall every ride rather than doing intervals?

    I am confused, does this track hr?

  5. Chris from Polar here – the Polar Loop (http://www.polarloop.com/) will be shipping at the end of October(2013) and will likely be in stores and available by first week of November! You can be the first to have one by preordering at http://www.shoppolar.com!

    The Loop is heart rate compatible, works with the Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensors, is completely water proof up to 30 meters and syncs via Bluetooth Smart to smartphone (iOS now, will be Android soon)

    The Bluetooth Smart heart rate component gives you the ability to record data from activities like cycling, where your arms aren’t moving.

    Hope this answers your questions!


  6. @badbikemechanic, are you really concerned over whether or not he feels he needs a HR monitor? Lol! I smelled a bit of sarcasm in his comment, you?

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