orange seal natural latex noncorrosive bicycle tire sealant

Orange Seal tubeless tire sealant has an updated formula that they’re saying is the only natural latex formula that’s non-corrosive.

They say normal latex sealants use a cutting agent to thin it into a usable liquid, but that cutting agent is often corrosive and can hurt bare alloy rims like those in Shimano Dura-Ace, Fulcrum, etc.

It’s shipping now and replaces the original formula without losing any if the sealing properties. It still uses varied size nano particles of metal that help coagulate the sealant to cover larger holes.

An 8oz injector bottle is $15, the 8oz refill is $13 and the 4oz is $10/$7 with the same options. There’s also a 32oz shop bottle that’s only available to shops.


  1. KGr, I’m just sad you care so little about the care of unicorns. Especially tubeless unicorns–they’re our future.

  2. You get what you pay for with this stuff. I’ve been using it for about two years and it’s sealed almost every puncture I’ve had(maybe 2-3 flats, tops). Whereas Stan’s sometimes can’t even stop small punctures. It seals so well that I rarely bring a spare tube anymore and when I do it’s usually someone else that needs it. It can stain though so you have to be careful with it. Besides that and yeah, the price, its pretty amazing stuff.

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