DZR Shoes Marco Bike Polo Shoe

DZR has been pumping out SPD commuter / casual shoes for a while now.   Now they are making the jump into the world of dirt.  But first, a stop at the polo court.  The DZR Marco is the worlds first bike polo specific shoe.  The shoe is constructed with double stitching and feels very heavy duty.  It has a stiff fiberglass shank and plastic heel cup for better performance on the bike.  Padding is used on the outside of the foot to help prevent injury in case of a stray mallet strike.  And, just in case it looks like a hot shoe, there are four large ventilation holes on the inner side of the shoe, plus the perforations on the top of the toe go all the way through for proper cooling.

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DZR Marco Cutaway
This deconstruction of the Marco shows the padding (that blue stuff), the plastic heel cup, fiberglass shank, and sturdy footbed.

DZR Terra


DZR Terra Sole

The DZR Terra is for the downhill crowd.  Like the Marco, it makes use of the stiff fiberglass shank and plastic heel cup for solid pedaling performance.  It also gets double stitching, and in hand, the shoe feels pretty bombproof.   The velcro strap is a nice added touch that will keep those laces out of the way.  

DZR Sense Pro

DZR Sense Pro Sole

For the dirt jumper scene, DZR is launching the Sense and Sense Pro.  This shoe forgoes the SPD mounting plate, and instead uses an interchangeable midsole system.  The Sense Pro will come with both the soft and firm midsole, while the Sense will only come with the softer version.  You will be able to purchase the midsole add ons separately however. The rubber sole is made up of two different compounds as well.  The tan stuff at the heel and toe is good for grabbing the ground, the softer black middle keeps your shoe on the pedal.

Look for the new models to be available in Spring 2014

DZR Sense Pro Cutaway




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