Photo submitted by Alex Reshetniak, “My friend Austin and myself with our Klunkers on last weekend’s Pearl Pass Tour. We left the day before the official tour so we could camp out and then summit with the other riders on Saturday. In reality, they passed us hours before we made the top and were already fed and beer’d in Aspen by the time we arrived at the Hotel Jerome. We both rode late 30’s Schwinns, they were our attempt at Klunkers, complete with Morrow brakes and Atom hubs.”

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  1. Klunking is great fun, but I shudder to think what these guys are going to have to do to earn their bottom rockers. Everyone knows that klunking klubs are full of people too crazy even for fixed gear alley cat races.

  2. Cool idea, promoting selves doing something they conceived as a form of self-promotion. All it needs now is a kickstarter plea for $10,000 to do a longer trip, and a GoPro video of their triumphant arrival at the pass. Soon Outside magazine will be doing a feature on them and proclaiming that Klunker Tours are the next Gravel Bike Grand Fondo.

    Remember, it didn’t happen if you didn’t promote yourself. And it wasn’t impressive if someone else wasn’t promoting you promoting yourself. Must be meta-meta-self-worshiping to be valid.

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