volagi viaje titanium endurance gravel road bike

The upcoming Volagi Viaje Ti takes what’s good about the steel Viaje and amplifies it with titanium.

The Longbow Flex Stay design already provided a good bit of cushion. With titanium, they’re getting about twice the compliance of the carbon Liscio frames.

And they have some new wheels to go along with the new frame…

volagi viaje titanium endurance gravel road bike

It keeps the one piece yoke to allow for a larger welding area on the top tube.

volagi viaje titanium endurance gravel road bike

The ti version has a claimed 1700g frame weight, the steel is around 2100g.

volagi viaje titanium endurance gravel road bike

It comes with their full carbon fork that’s about 420g, and it and the frame have rack and fender mounts.

Retail is $3000 for frame, fork and headset. Should be available in March.

Complete bikes will come with their new Ignite VL wheels. They have a wider flange placement on the hubs and disc specific rims that offer light weight and good stiffness. The rims are 25mm wide but just 19mm deep, so they supposedly offer nice ride compliance and let you run wider tires for additional small bump mitigation. They’re tubeless compatible, and come in at just 1,550g.


  1. I really like the direction of this company. Wider rims, bigger tires, and a focus on a bike to ride all day are great. The disc thing is what it is, and honestly it seems like they stop well and safely so you either accept the weight penalty (which is pretty silly to me) it seems like a great way to have a fully painted rim. (I think the silver might slow you down on a machined rim). But with that said…ah, I hope they throw some props to Retrotec for at least inspiration on the design.

    But as a critic, why are they putting that FSA crank on a bike with a Campagnolo drivetrain? They make a cross crankset, and have lots of options in chainring sizes. Right?

  2. I have it from a good source that this company is losing market share since many other bike brands have started flooding the market with disc brake road bikes.

    The seatstays are cool, but they need something else to differentiate themselves vs the other disc contenders. If they are truly embracing the future and their market segment of older riders then they should add some thru axle dropouts on both front and rear. It’s the future.

  3. Something is off with the asthetics for me. Perhaps too many upward curving tubes? I bet it would be a very comfortable ride at least. I agree with the thru-axle thing, especially on the front. I won’t buy any road disc bike until thru axles are standard.

  4. I really like the look of this frame, and the Ti, but hate the ‘GT Triple Triangle’ design and how it limits waterbottle and shouldering room.

  5. the fork always throws off the “retro” of it. the ti misses for me and prefer the steel but without that ugly bulky fork. getting that almost merlin newsboy vibe from it.

  6. My only real comment/complaint is regarding the awful welds on the seatstay-toptube juncture–fix that sloppy welding, its titanium for Pete’s sake!

  7. Volagi owes nothing to Retrotec. V frames have their seatstays welded at the toptube bypassing the seattube altogether: Retrotec, while also having the curved tube shapes, always had the seatstays meet at the seat/toptube juncture, like a traditional frame (at least all the owns I’ve seen).

  8. the lot is a tricky bit
    every day I’m amazed when I see something like a new bike
    the logistics are boggling to say the least
    all the people involved, assembly houses, overland carriers, et al

  9. You might put Campy on a bike because there are people that like Campy and use Campy. So? People still use cable actuated disc brakes.

  10. Volagi intent was not on racing but being able to ride longer distances (or time if you’re slower like me) with comfort. The dynamics of the frame and curved beams is to take the direct sting out of less than perfect roads. This will result in less higher frequency vibration damage to your body over the longer term.
    Other items of note is that wider tires on wider, shallow rims, will extend the comfort without a big hit on aero performance unless your a rider who wants to push 30+ Kph all day but bear in mind your body produces 80% of drag exponentially.
    So, with the Ti breed soon to be born it would be for the affectional riders who want the last bike they ever buy.
    Steel is real but Ti is better. At least in this category.

  11. Love at first sight. But then I saw the weld near the top of the seatstays where they’re about to join to the top tube. Fugly! And from what I read, the frame costs about twice what the steel version weighs and the weight savings is less than one pound. (Correct?) While there are other benefits to titanium, I’m not so sure they’re worth this kind of upcharge.
    Whatever happened with the Viaje SL version, which was supposed to be a lighter tubeset made of Columbus tubing? Anyone know?

  12. triple isn’t needed with a compact and a wider range cassette(12-30 or above) as the new gearing is lower than the standard triple.

    I’m right there with you on the pressfit bb, I’ve converted my Liscio with a dura ace crank, rid myself of creaking. thats the only element I don’t care for on the Volagi.

    the ti is a lighter version of the steel, wonderful feel, and the most durable product. when combined with this frame design/geometry, makes for the ultimate all around bike. light enough for group rides, compliant enough for rough terrain and comfortable for long days. and it is a cool looking ride, most who see mine ask about it.

    the comment, “The seatstays are cool, but they need something else to differentiate themselves vs the other disc contenders.” made me laugh. you haven’t ridden the bike in either of its existing forms. the flex stay is the different component, unlike the other companies. it isn’t a visual element, but completely functional. ask Specialized, they wanted the patent and claimed it was theirs, not Robert’s.

    the most important of all, is that Volagi is dedicated to quality products and quality riding, and their customer service is incredible. they stand behind their product and when something doesn’t perform up to snuff, they replace it. fast. and with a smile.

    go try the steel version, compare it to the others, you’ll like it. the carbon version as well, and the new ti version should be stellar.

    Yes, Virginia, this cycle design is different…and better.

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