wtb warden mud downhill mountain bike tire

The new WTB Warden is a mud specific DH tire that’s just a 26×2.3 for now. This one’s hot off the press, so more sizes are likely to come.

It was designed for their team riders who wanted something for wet weather. Currently, they’re riding Cannondales, which don’t have a 650b bike (yet), hence the limited initial sizing.

“It just removes earth. It’s a trail maker,” said team rider Ben Cruz. “We trimmed the knobs a bit to ride them in the dry just ’cause we wanted to ride them, and it got to the point where the bike felt flexy because they are just dug in so well.”

It’s coming in at $76.95 and weighs 895g.

wtb warden mud downhill mountain bike tire

Widely spaced pyramid shaped knobs help penetrate the mud to hit firmer soil underneath, then shed any clingy stuff quickly.

crosswolf tubeless ready cyclocross tires

They also have the new Crosswolf, a 700×32 tubeless ready cyclocross tire that hits stores at just $55. Weight is 360g and has their dual durometer compound for firmer blocks in the middle and gripper rubber on the side knobs.

They’ve also just introduced the Crisscross UST bead cyclocross rim. It’s built for ‘cross and gravel road racing.

Weight is 435g with a 32 hole drilling. Inner rim width is 19mm. They have a machined brake track, so they can work with rim brakes or discs.

Not shown, there’s also a new i25 rim that’s 25mm wide inside. Available in all three wheel sizes – weights are 490g (26″), 512g (27.5″) and 550g (29er).

Those join the KOM rim they introduced at Eurobike.


  1. I hate brake wear indicators that run the length of the rim. They look so cheap.

    Just ordered some i25 rims for a customers custom wheel build, going to be sweet!!

  2. How about a Cross Wolf in a 34/35? Sure Tubeless helps for pinch flats, but if I am still bashing my rims into every other rock whats the point.

  3. Stoked to see an update to the CrossWolf! I’ve always had a soft spot for those tires. I’d love to see a bigger size, too. Like William said, a true 35 would be nice for starters.

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