A few weeks ago, we announced a custom bike build off sponsored by C-Bear, pitting Parlee against Alchemy to build the sickest road bike, then having Signature Cycles and Nie Brothers Cycles complete the builds. Here’s your first (and likely only) sneak peek at what they’ve been up to.

Both builders had to really kick it into high gear to get the bikes ready for a public debut at Interbike, and both took a bit different approach using their latest high-end road frames. Here’s what Ard Kessels, owner of Sprocket Scientist (C-Bear’s US importer) would say for now:

  • Both companies had to expedite the build of the frame to make it in time for the show.
  • Parlee and Signature indicated that the timing is the only thing they did different from any of their other customer’s builds
  • The Alchemy/Nie Brothers total cost with everything fully customized is lower than some of the top end bikes bought from a big brand catalogue
  • Alchemy will preview their build for dealers on Wednesday at their off site location in Vegas, C-Bear will do the same for the Parlee at the Belgian House.
  • C-Bear got to give input in the artwork of the Parlee. Alchemy did not show us one single drawing, only confirmed the geometry and placement of the C-Bear logo’s. Both approaches were OK and appreciated by us.

What does all this have to do with anything? Well, for one, it’s just cool to see two awesome builders trying to one up each other. Second, you’ll get to vote for the winner exclusively here on Bikerumor in a few weeks, and everyone that votes is entered to win a complete ceramic bearing bottom bracket package from C-Bear!

Check the Alchemy after the break…


Other than being custom built, the only things the bike will have in common (that we know of) is that both are built around the new Dura-Ace 9000/9070 and will be heavily loaded with ENVE parts.

While Alchemy’s not showing off anything about the paint, they have let on that it cost about $1,500 and that the complete bike should come in around $12,250. Yes, that’s expensive, but it’s still less than some of the high end models from the big brands but is full custom.

Stay tuned…


  1. They pushed the builds ahead of schedule, passing over some customer builds. Not something commonly done, but for the sake of making a show, they wanted to get them done ASAP.

  2. im no stranger to throwing silly cash at bikes – saved up for a merlin when i was 16 etc –
    and all my current rides are high-end – but i find this recent explosion of bike prices obscene –
    12k and up??

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