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A fascinating look at Bicycle Commuting in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to Abdulilah Al-mulhim for the link.


  1. This is great! Not too surprisingly they face the same challenges of cyclists everywhere.

    (The YouTube ClosedCaptioning is really good for this video too)

  2. I expected more of a melee with traffic, look fairly tolerable. Interesting the amount of Ford and GM products over there. Always fascinating to see how the others live around the world and how similar we can sometimes be.

  3. yeah, the Ford and GM prevalence is surprising. When I was over there, it seemed like late modeled toyota trucks and Mercedes 300’s from like the mid 70s were the norm. anyway, about bikes…this is pretty bold and pretty awesome. REALLY.
    There are definite cultural challenges that these cyclists are taking on – and winning. Makes me feel lazy in our more ‘sport-centric’ office crew. One of the best parts is there take on the right of way. He did a good job explaining, from thier religious point of view, the rights of cyclists on the road. But he also tied it back to simple logic, physics, and appreciation for each other. Wow. Makes a road rager that goes bonkers on a paceline look totally stupid. well, they are anyway.

  4. After spending just over 2 years in Riyadh between 2009 -2011, with both my road bike(on a mag trainer the whole time) and mtn bike (I rode around the Diplomatic Quarter) – this is GREAT to see – especially considering that the bicycle has been referred to as ‘The Devil’s Donkey’ in some parts of the Kingdom…

    It makes sense this is in Dammam – I’m not sure it would be possible in Riyadh – chaos!

  5. Haha, this brings back fond memories for me, when I worked in Saudi I lived in Dammam for 4 years, but I didn’t start cycling again until I got back to UK. Actually you can cycle next to the corniche which is the sea front area. At night it’s so lit up it’s like daytime!

    Regarding the cars, of course there are so many American cars, but also Toyota land cruisers etc. Actually, from Starbucks to San Francisco coffee, krispy kreme to cheese cake factory, McD’s burger king, Mrs fields cookies, TGI Fridays, fatty arbuckles…etc, etc. Actually, they have more of these US brands than the UK. Krispy Kreme came to Saudi before it came to the UK, so the upshot is, I was over 100 KGs in no time…
    I brought a table tennis table to put in my hall to try to offset the calorie increase, had a cross trainer and we’d go for walks often at the sea front, but it wasn’t enough…too much yummy food, I’d have been OK if I had have been cycling, and if you go at the right times, the roads are empty…however, some crazy drivers there that’s for sure, and I did used to speed on quiet freeways in the Chevy Lumina I was driving, but towards the end of my time there they started to get tough on traffic violations, so perhaps these days it’s better to cycle there.

    Coming to think about it, some of the sand dunes there would be perfect for a fat bike…
    For now, I’m stuck in the receding summer in the leafy country lanes of middle England.

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