Fizik’s new Triathlon-specific saddle wasn’t the only one launching at Eurobike. The new Selle Italia Iron Flow incorporates a unique honey comb plate in the central groove, a shaped tail to improve aerodynamics and a new CarboKeramic rail material.

The shape is formed to help support your sit bones and keep your hips properly tilted forward for maximum power transfer. The additional benefit of having the tail of the sitting area kicked up is that it gave them room to essentially create a fairing that helped lead the airflow smoothly off the rider’s back. They put it this way: “(It) prevents the vortex cascade effect which produces turbulence behind the rider.”

The center channel “net” directs air flow to the chamois to help dry it out as well as providing a pass through for water to drain away. The nose is tapered and curved downward and has a somewhat truncated design to reduce chafing and make for free and easy leg movement.


Three models will be on offer, each with a narrow (S, 135mm) and wide (L, 145mm) version. Total length on both is 265, all with a Lorica cover. Here’s the deets:

  • Iron Flow S/L – Ti rails – 260g to 270g
  • Iron Tekno Flow S/L – CarboKeramic rails – 155g to 165g
  • Iron Tekno Flow “Speciale” S/L – CarboKeramic rails – 155g to 165g (white

If that weight for the Tekno models seems impressive for such a big saddle, it is. And it’s stemming partly from their new CarboKeramic (carbon-ceramic) rails. Those use an internationally patented process of fusing high mod carbon fiber with a ceramic particle infused resin. The result, they say, is something that can be 20% lighter and 30% stronger than standard carbon rails. The Iron Flow runs 7mm round rails, not oblong ones, which shows at least some of their confidence in the material.


The Flite Kit Carbonio “Speciale” is a new version that also gets the CarboKeramic rails. It comes in two versions, the standard and “Flow” model with center channel relief. Only available in black with green. Weights are 180g and 165g respectively, sizes are 145mm x 275mm.


On the fence about Monolink because you don’t have the right post or saddle? They’ve just made it easier by packaging both together with a range of saddle and post options. No, those aren’t holes in the alloy posts, just holes in the box so you can see the post inside.


Lastly, they’re offering two new bar tapes. The Classic Leather Smootape on the left will come in white, black, red and tan and weighs in at 95g. The Smootape Gran Fondo is a bit softer synthetic and comes in a rainbow of colors and is just 50g. Both are 2.5mm thick. What’s “Smootape”? It’s simply their beveled edge design that lets the tape lay flat over the prior wrap as you roll it around the bar. Notice how there are no bulges on the tape above? That’s Smootape.



  1. “The center channel “net” directs air flow to the chamois to help dry it out as well as providing a pass through for water to drain away.”

    Haha…I guess thats good engineering as those triathletes are known to expel “water” from between their legs

  2. As long as they make it twice as expensive as a normal saddle the tri-hards will buy them like they’re going out of fashion…..which they will a week later.

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