For 2014, all of Lezyne’s lights get improved electronics with higher output across the range at the same prices. Example: the Macro Drive goes from 300 to 350 lumens, and the Mega Drive goes from 1,000 to 1,200. You can check those out in our past coverage.

Shown above, the Femto lights get a new lens with side visibility, a new clip on the back that allows it to be slid onto a strap or wrapped around a handlebar and better threads on the battery cap to make it more durable.

New colors are purple, orange and gold. Front is 15 lumens, rear is 7 lumens. $15 each, or a set for $28.


Just for fun, they also showed us this custom toolkit they made for the Lotto-Bellisol pro cycling team. Not sure if it’ll become available, but that sleeved, soft-sided tool case would be pretty darn slick for travel.


What do you think?