Xfusion Revel 34mm Inverted Single Crown ForkWhile many companies have attempted or tested single crown inverted forks, X-Fusion thinks they finally have the golden formula. After over a year of development, the company is ready to announce the details next week at interbike, with the first pilot run available late this year.

The fork was first previewed officially at Eurobike 2013 and if the details haven’t changed too drastically – we can expect a ~4.3 lb 160mm travel fork with a 20 mm axle and some internal trickery to keep things stiff..

The fork will only be available for 27.5″ wheels but can easily swallow 26″ tread. According to X-Fusion Marketing Manager John Hauer, the offset just gives his carbon 26″ Enduro S-Works quicker steering.

Via X-Fusion Instagram



  1. Hopefully these work better than the Mavericks did. Seal failure means dumping the entire contents of the fork directly onto disc brake and rotor.

  2. This is the main technology on MX bikes which need to be way more durable than mountain bikes. Why does every company that comes out with an inverted fork think it’s some thing new? I had an Inverted Roxxy back in the 90’s it worked great. This is nothing new…

  3. I’ve always wondered why nobody would come up with a slimmed down inverted type of “fork” like the Cannondale lefty “strut” that you could mount regular hubs to. I’m disappointed that they are not making a shorter travel 29″ version it would look killer on a Vassago Jaberwocky “gold” SS bike.

  4. Vital says 29 only, pinkbike says 26 & 29. BR is saying 27.5 Does X-Fusion know what it’s making?
    I really want one, but love to know which of my bikes it’s going to fit.

  5. Al Boneta:

    A fork does not know which size wheel rests between its legs. It is designed to give a certain measure of travel. The answer is that the fork can take any size wheel which does not experience tire interference at the crown when deep into its travel. Wheel size is only an issue with forks that have an arch between their legs.

  6. @Saris- and if the tire buzzes the bottom of the crown when you bottom out. Although of course you can pull the sliders out for more crown/ tire clearance, at the expense of travel and possibly starting in a weird part of the damper’s stroke.

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