Reynolds showed off their 2014 collection earlier this summer, headlined by an all-new SLG aero design for their three most popular models and disc brake options.

Now, we’ve got the first look at the complete wheels for the Aero 46 and Element full disc rear wheel. But first, there’s the the first tubular wheel in the new lineup. This is your sneak peak at the Assault SLG Tubular that’s coming in Spring 2014. It’ll come with either standard or disc brake hubs and retail for about $1,825 (final pricing TBD). Weights are TBD, this one just came out of the mold the week before the show.



This is the first look at the complete wheel for the new Aero 46. The clincher comes in October, a tubular will follow in Spring 2014.


The aero disc wheel has their new inkjet graphics, shipping as shown here right now.


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