Rflkt plus

After the launch of the original RFLKT, Wahoo fitness is looking to improve on the design, but they can’t do it without your help. Currently on Kickstarter, the RFLKT+ takes the iPhone mirroring power of the original computer and builds in ANT+ compatibility to connect to all of your cycling sensors. The RFLKT+ also acts as a bridge to your iPhone allowing all of your ANT+ devices to be viewed on your phone. Like the original, the RFLKT+ allows you to keep your phone in a safe spot, while the bar mounted computer allows you to access GPS, Music, and the Wahoo Fitness App, plus all of your cycling data as you ride along. The coin cell operated unit has a  built in barometric altimeter and runs for up to a year on a single cell.

Check out the video introduction, plus pricing info after the break.

Wahoo’s Kickstarter campaign is nearly halfway there, but with only 11 days to go. With the early bird deals all gone, $135 gets you a RFLKT+ while $65 more gets you the whole ANT+ bundle. If the funding goal is met, Wahoo will use the money raised for the down payment for their initial order, as tooling and initial software development have been completed and computers should ship out October, 1.


  1. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to make it. I really wish that wasn’t the case. I’d love to dump my Garmin 800. Rflkt+ would be perfect for the iPhone 5s which should have an impressive battery life.

  2. Unless I’m dreaming, the data shows up on the iPhone first, and then 1s later on the RFLKT+ screen. That would make sense with a normal RFLKT, which would get the Bluetooth sensor signals relayed from the iPhone.

    But they are demonstrating ANT+ sensors… so the RFLKT+ should get the signals FIRST. Unless… the RFLKT+ just receives the ANT+ signal, bridges to a Bluetooth signal over to the iPhone, which then sends it BACK to the RFLKT+ for display purposes… that would explain the lag.

    I guess in reality it might not matter much, although realtime cadence is nice.

    Beginning to see why some people stick with a simple CatEye.

  3. @Mike—I see that Wahoo Fitness already has given their open API platform to Magellan as it is in their latest watch, so now you can run or bike and see the data from a Wahoo HR strap in your phone. I’m using it and love it.

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