MIO Alpha Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Until now, heart rate monitoring has required a chest strap for accurate readings.  It’s not always the most comfortable thing to wear.  MIO is here to solve that problem with their new strapless heart rate monitor, the Alpha.  It’s worn like a watch, and can monitor your blood perfusion in the wrist using an optic sensor and green LED light.  This technology was developed in the medical industry and has had proven success being used on a body at rest.  MIO has perfected it even further so that it is now robust enough to be used in a performance environment.

The device itself has a reverse dot matrix display mounted to a silicon rubber wrist strap, and features magnetic contact points around back that link up to the USB charging station.  The back also houses the optic sensor and green led light.  Being a watch shaped device it does tell time, it will also display your heart rate in BPM, and has a tri-colored heart rate zone to help you stay in the sweet spot.

The MIO Alpha also includes Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology, and can easily be synced to your smart phone.  It works with many of the popular apps such as MapMyRun, Strava, and wahoo.   Retail for the device is $199.  Visit MIO’s site for more product details and to purchase.


  1. @ Independant. I also forget that I have it on… That is when I actually remember to bring it. However my watch is always on my wrist.

  2. Problem with MIO is that it has absolutely no functionality. To record, it has to run through a phone. Another device to haul. No lap button on the device, and the fit is very personal. I’m not saying the idea isn’t good, but why wouldn’t they integrate with other tech. My guess is likely battery reasons, while the mio’s battery is great adding functionality might affect that.

  3. So a product that has been developed and tested for medical applications is now “perfected” by some small company no one ever heard of? I highly doubt it.
    If you try to sell me something at least be honest.

  4. Same tech as the Scosche device I had for a couple of years and it’s not reliable enough, I don’t think I able to stay at 35 bpm for 10 minutes while grinding up a hill.

  5. Have one, works great. The actual monitor is done by Philips medical. Links up great with Strava, rechargeable through USB (though i’ve had mine for months and have yet to need to recharge it), and looks good too

  6. I’d be interested in this if it just replaced the chest strap with a wrist strap and worked via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart. That way you could use whatever computer you wanted.

  7. @ABQSteve – it does work via Bluetooth Smart, and from what I can tell an ANT+ version is coming out later that should work with Garmin’s and the like. The ANT+ Version was an option on their Kickstarter campaign, but has yet to make it into production.

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