EB13: Crank Brothers Adds Zero Float Cleats for Eggbeater, Candy Pedals – Plus Road Adapters


Crank Brothers showed all their big ticket news at the outdoor demo of Eurobike, with new wheels and cockpit parts on display. Tucked inside the show was this little update: Zero float cleats for their pedals. Shown on the second row from the top, the new cleats provide 0º of rotation thanks to an ever-so-slight reshaping of the lip. Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to see the difference even in person, so we’d recommend taking a Sharpie to them if you plan on mixing and matching.

The black cleat pad on the right has been in their line for a bit but never really got a shout out. It’s simply a gripper pad to make it a bit easier to use their pedals with road bike shoes.


8 thoughts on “EB13: Crank Brothers Adds Zero Float Cleats for Eggbeater, Candy Pedals – Plus Road Adapters

  1. the road cleat is more than a gripper to make them easy to mount, it is a converter to mount 3 holes to their SPD derived 2 bolt action. Thy use an inverted screw positioning that makes them impossible to modify for SPD or use standard CB cleats when they wear out. I wish they would change it so it would be more compatible with more types of cleats.

  2. Aside from touring applications, I think CB Pedals should be left away from the road. For a while they were marketing the quattro road pedal, which was essentially this exact cleat on a “road specific” egg beater with a platform. I loved em off road so I tried it, and it was terrible. CB pedals are too easy to pull out of for road racing, especially in sprint finishes.

  3. bk – Agreed, the top row appears to be the new 0 degree cleat. And the race cleat in the 3rd row is more minimal looking for sure – anything else differentiate it from the standard cleat to make it the “race” cleat? Or does it simply save a few grams?

  4. @ Bill

    You may be right for certain applications, but for ease of use and everyone that rides strictly CB for pedals on mountain, can now easily switch out to a zero float or a road shoe. Its a great idea, Im all for it.

  5. I just found a set of race cleats that came with my egg beaters. What is the deal with race cleats? Never seen them before. What do they do differently?

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