Photos submitted by Mark Farmer, “Two Photos taken in the same day. I think it was, ‘Mom / Dad, come take a photo of me bunny hopping.’ Guessing Date of Nineteen Seventy something. The one photo that looks like I am riding on the curb, is actually supposed to be a bunny hop. Best part: I still have the bike. It’s an old Schwinn Scrambler frame. Tange Fork. Plastic seat, Aluminum handlebars, TuffNeck Stem. Skyway TuffWheels, Hot Plate Number still installed. I used to ride it at Apple Skate Park (look it up), hence the foam taped to the handlebar.”

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  1. When I was a kid I was trying really hard to do a big bunny hop, ended up slamming my mouth into my handlebar when I landed, bled all over the place.

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