Gamut Trail SXC

While Gamut recently revamped their entire line up, the company is still hard at work producing new chain retention systems and guides for the emerging 1×11 market. Pictured above is a new proto high DM mount version of their Trail SXC guide, which is targeted towards the XC market.

Gamut Trail S Enduro

For the “enduro” crowd, the company is launching the new Trail S Enduro guide.

Details on the new bling are scarce but we expect this guide will probably utilize the same o-ring lower roller Gamut pioneered last year on their excellent P20S Guide. We’ll keep you updated on all the details later this month at Interbike. 


  1. Haha! At least the sarcasm regarding the “enduro” reference came through. I gotta run…I’m running late for my weekly enduro club rides.

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