Kali Hasta mountain bike gloves

Kali’s done body armor and helmets, but the new Kali Hasta mountain bike glove is their first non-protective soft good. Well, non-armored or shelled anyway, there is a bit of top-of-hand padding in place. Other features are a microfiber palm, silicone grips and flex sections built into the knuckles. And like all their goods, they’re extremely competitive in price at just $25. Look for them to get official soon.

In the meantime, check out another pic and the final retail editions of their impressive Loka road helmet below…


Non padded palms should please a certain crowd, and a soft thumb with terry snot wipe section should please everyone.


We saw the Loka at PressCamp and got all the tech details, but this is our first look at the final graphics and colors.

It’s meant as a mid-range helmet, but the spec list is anything but. It built around Composite Fusion Plus, which is their “cone head” technology that disperses force across a larger area. It also gets their bumper fit foam, which is a softer memory foam that rests on the inside to further dissipate shock. The amazing thing is that the helmet gets both of those premium technologies and looks this good for just $99.

It also gets a new MicroDial fit, which has a ponytail port built into the retention cradle.


  1. BK,
    lets wait till we see a production glove before we pass judgement on a “sneak peak”
    That picture might be on a hand form and not an actual hand..

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