Now that single chainrings are the new black amongst mountain bikers, more attention is being paid to chainline.

e*thirteen’s solution is their new 104BCD Guidering with wide/narrow teeth and a flip flop design to change the chain line between 49mm or 50mm. It doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re running a chain guide, it can really help line things up for smooth sailing.

It also features threaded bolt holes so you don’t need nuts to hold it to the spider. Hallelujah! Available in 32/34/36/38 tooth counts.


The outside facing numbers let you know which way your ring is set up.


The TRSr and LG1r get final carbon layup spec and graphics. We covered the announcement of these already with tech specs, this is just a peek at what’s actually going to be shipping.


New TRSr wheels become their top end all mountain (enduro!) wheels. They get a 23mm inside width rim and new, lighter hubs.


They’ll use a different carbon shell and lower flanges to save weight, and it gets the updated axle ends we saw at Crankworx.


The rim will be available separately, too.


  1. Why (why why) would you want a chainguide in this day and age? E13 should make a guideless XX1-style chainring like other astute companies are making.

  2. @Dave if you look closely at the first picture of the chain ring you’ll notice that it is a w/n chain ring like you are describing. Some people still prefer to run a chain guide even with the advent of XX1-style rings. I know I am running an XCX top guide with my XX1 drivetrain because I despise the look of a chain ring without some sort of retention system.

  3. You despise the look without a chain guide… sorry but I have been the victim of several chainguide-related mechanicals in races. XX1 dropped my chain one single time on the mountain bike, nor has my Wolf Tooth Components ring. It’s tested for DH applications. A top-only guide in CX will just cake up mud and add no benefit beyond what the XX1-style ring and clutch derailleur gives you.

  4. Dave – I have XX1 on my 429, and I dropped the chain on the 5th ride (though only once in 600 miles, and only after charging through a downhill rock garden at full sprint). I could see why folks would still want to run a chain guide, esp the DH crowd. That said, I’ve also been a victim of chain guides malfunctioning within races, so will keep it simple and live without it. Hopefully my drop was a rare occurrence.

  5. been running a wolftooth and raceface n/w rings. still comforting to run guides w/bash in real tech lines with rock and root strikes. workin well so far on 1X9 4x set up w/no guide.

  6. Why not run a NW chain ring and a clutch derailer ? Bc it cost money

    I converted to 1x before both was invented and when it was time to make the 10 speed jump the clutch NW ring wasn’t out yet . So I’m still that guy 1×10 with a chainguide on my trail Bbb I mean “enduro bike ”

    Ill run the NW when 13 speed comes out lolzlzoozl

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