New X Fusion Website

To go along with their new products for 2014, X Fusion has taken the wraps off their all new website design that includes the entire range of product for the coming year – including the RV1 and Metric. The site now offers dynamic width control for proper viewing on a number of different devices. Most importantly for shop mechanics, the website now includes full maintenance and repair intervals as well as full tech guides and step by step service videos from simple maintenance to full rebuilds.

Check out the sample X Fusion Hilo rebuild video after the break.


  1. well done x-fusion. I like the service videos, well laid out. Many manufacturers miss the mark on this. Granted various mfg companies do have pdf versions of product diagrams / drawings… but often a video cuts right to the chase and provides a easy understanding for a first time service process.

  2. First thing you need is this $300 PROPRIETARY HILO tool…sheez…can’t companies make it possible to take stuff apart without specialty tools>? REALLY????

  3. The HILO is flawed…Serviced one too many to see the issues in design. Mountain bikers are like grown up BMX riders. They will buy the latest and greatest, take it home and fiddle with it assuming they know how to operate the item. There is too many vital steps for proper setup and annual service to make this consumer friendly. Therefore making that dropper post a disaster to any typical MTB consumer. Buy a rockshox post it is well worth the bread. I will not even get started on X-Fusion rear shocks…Garbage. I do respect the service videos and the effort put forth. Try getting anything close to that from SR Suntour or RST.

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