Bell’s been busy lately, releasing several new designs for downhill, mountain bike and commuter. Now, there’s a new model in each category that builds on those, just at lower price points.

The new Bell Transfer-9 full face helmet takes most of the features of the $400 Full-9 and drops the carbon shell and a couple other little things to come in at half the price.

It gets a fiber composite shell with the same head form and three sizes with two pad options on each for a total of six sizes. The cheek pads are removable without taking the helmet off, but they snap in instead of using magnets. It’s also Eject compatible. Internal pockets for their Soundtrax speaker system.


The Overbrow ventilation feature carries over. Channels direct air across the top of your head, but the design works by sucking air out the back so it pulls fresh air in at the brow.


It switches from an integrated camera mount to a stick-on one, but retains the breakaway feature. All together, it’s basically as good as the Full-9 with only a 150g weight penalty. Claimed weight is 1200g, retail is $200.


Using the same theme for the Enduro crowd is the new Stoker.

It simplifies the features of the Super by offering a non-adjustable visor, bigger holes and a smoother appearance. It’s $70 versus the $125 Super. It lacks the camera mount, but keeps the secondary in-molded bottom section at the straps. It also has the Overbrow forehead venting with a rigid band under the pads to keep them from getting mashed into and blocking the vents.


For the urban crown, they took the flexible Segment shell design and applied to a new Intersect city bike helmet.


The segmented EPS inside lets form to your head for a more comfortable experience. It has a short, removable visor, too. Retail is $60.


  1. Why so many helmet manufacturers ruin a perfectly good product with silly, childish, garish graphics.

    Skull octopus on a helmet? Should I also put a feather up my behind?

  2. cuz bikes are fun and anything requiring a fullface is even more fun…like when you use a feather..and would imagine definitely if you use an octupus.

  3. The Stoker looks to be a great less expensive alternative to the Super. SRP is even less than that of the Giro Feature which I’m eyeing.

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