2014 Easton EC70 and EA70 handlebars get wider

For 2014, Easton’s EC70 and EA70 riser and flat handlebars all grow to 720mm wide. Weights are:

  • EC70 Flat – 166g
  • EC70 Riser – 186g (20mm rise) and 197g (40mm high rise)
  • EA70 Flat – 245g
  • EA Riser – 290g (20mm rise) and 310g (40mm high rise)

The flat bars both have a 9º bend, and the risers have a 9º bend and 5º upsweep.


We spied Haven 650B wheels aboard Devinci’s 2014 Troy and now they’re official. Starting in alloy models for now, they’ll also offer a budget Vice 650B wheel. The Haven comes in at 1720g for 650B. For comparison, the 26″ is 1650g and the 29er is 1785g. They’ll be available with 15mm or 20mm thru axle fronts and QR or 12×142 rear ends. They’ll retail for $955.

The Vice wheels come in at 1750g (650B) and retail for $750.

The Havoc 650B wheels we spotted in prototype form on Steve Smith’s Devinci are, for now, just that: Prototypes.


  1. I don’t know how people can ride with these insanely wide (to me at least) bars. I know you can cut them down, but regardless…the current trend of wide:better boggles my mind. There is a limit one can reach when beneficial becomes detrimental. I know I ride with a narrower bar than most, but I’ve demo’d plenty of the wider and widest bars and my steering became sloppy, difficult, and yes…even had a few spots I couldn’t fit between trees.

  2. @ Ryan and Tyler

    Thats the genius of leaving the bar long so that it can fit anyone. Any LBS can cut the bar down for you and you can size it whatever size you want, which leaves guys that like wide bars like me very happy, and guys that cut them down for weight, racing, whatever are also happy.

  3. ^ what he said.

    I have 711mm wide Eastons (not sure why they came at the odd width) and there are several spots I need to mind on the local trails or I smash the ends and/or fingers on trees.

    It’s like BB height…go as wide or low as you’d like, depending on how often you are comfortable making contact with the terrain on your trails.

  4. I have been riding with 780mm bars and they felt really wide for the first 20-30 min. Now they feel great! Anything else feels weird and narrow. Since l have a “wide on” for wide bars. l lust for Zinn 48mm road bars.

  5. @Ryan you’ve been shortening your stem at the same time right? A 750mm+ bar with a 50mm stem will change your life. Steering should be instantly sharper and the bike should become much more huckable and interesting.

  6. Just put some 800mm flat bars on my Krampus (previously had 750mm) and for the first time MTBing ever I didn’t end up with soreness in my wrists/hands. Different strokes for different folks: I have wide shoulders and narrower bars always left my elbows and shoulders doing weird things.

    Anyway, 720mm Easton? Really? 2012 called, they want their bars back.

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