Rocker BMX Jumps Industry Trend, Pushes Smaller Wheels Instead

rocker_funk mini bmx

The mini bike trend has been successful in the moto world, so maybe that’s where Rocker BMX is getting their motivation. While the mountain bike industry seems set on pushing bigger wheels and tires, Rocker is going the opposite direction with 10″ wheels with fat pneumatic tires. Built to actually function as a BMX bike, the Rockers feature full size saddles, bars, pedals, and 28/12 gearing for ease of use (?).

Want to see how to ride one? Check out Ryan Taylor’s edit with more details on pricing after the jump!

Video by Jorge Mario Espitia Mendoza

Rocker BMX bikes range from £99.00 to £149.00 (about $153-231) depending on the model. For that coin, you’re getting a hi tensile steel frame with a threadless fork and an actual top load stem. Wheels are a two piece steel design with a patented Rocker rear hub that uses a 12t freewheel that’s driven by a one piece crank.


Rocker Mini BMX bikes are available for pre-order and should be available later this month.

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15 thoughts on “Rocker BMX Jumps Industry Trend, Pushes Smaller Wheels Instead

  1. The pedal and crank even act as a kickstand. Kickstands, just what the BMX market has been missing!

    Seriously though, Ryan made that actually look fun.

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