For 2014, the Rolf Prima Ares 4 and Ares 6 both get redesigned with their Delta aerodynamic profile. That means a more rounded, bulging design that has the shell sitting wider just below the brake track. The concept has been used on their alloy rims and TdF carbon tubulars.

They say this gives the wheels aero performance that’s on par or better than many deeper rims without the added rotational mass. Both are laced with their paired spoke technology, running 16 front and rear. They’re clinchers and, while they don’t officially endorse them as being tubeless, many of the folks at the company have set them up that way.

Weights are 1375g (Ares 4) and 1560g (Ares 6) with rim depths of 42mm and 60mm respectively. They’re 27mm at the widest point.

The Ares 4 and several other models now get disc brake options, too…


Looks like a sealed rim bed, but they actually just flipped their rim strip so logos were facing down for less visual distraction.



Normally we’d say the Ares 4 Disc would make a great cyclocross option, but Rolf Prima already has an extensive collection of ‘cross specific wheels in carbon and alloy, including disc brake options.


Their non-disc hubs carry over unchanged, but that’s OK – they’re already running ceramic cartridge bearings and a titanium freehub body. And they include ti skewers, a padded wheel bag and custom brake pads.


The Ares 4 Disc uses different hubs (obviously) but retain the ceramic bearings and ti freehub body. Skewers are steel, though. Wheelset weight bumps up 215g thanks to four extra spokes per wheel (20/20) and the increased hub material, but rims are the same. All are 11-speed ready.


If you’re looking to go disc brake and super lightweight, the TdF4SL Disc is their tubular rim and comes in at just 1340g for the pair.


And if you’re trying to build up a superlight Tandem, their Tandem Carbon wheels also get a disc brake option. Actually, for 2014, the carbon Tandems are disc only. They use a 45mm deep, 21mm wide carbon clincher rim with 24/24 spokes. The set comes in at 1640g. Rear spacing is 145mm only.


  1. Sweet, another company patting themselves on the back for lacing an existing disc hub to an existing rim with a brake track. Cutting edge innovation.

  2. For clarification the Ares 4 disc wheel set uses custom disc hubs designed and manufactured in the US. This is the same hub set that is used in Rolf Prima cyclocross disc wheels except it is upgraded with the 11 speed titanium freehub body and ceramic bearings. The disc version rim comes from the same mold as the non-disc version but the layup is specific to the 20 paired spoke lacing pattern and it is not for use with rim brakes.

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